Misconceptions about miscarriage

Misconceptions about miscarriage

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WRONG: Abortion is a rare condition, where did she come and find me?

RIGHT: One out of every seven pregnancies results in miscarriage. If we include early pregnancy losses, the rate is higher. The likelihood of miscarriage in pregnant women with treatment methods such as IVF is up to 20 percent.

FALSE: Vaginal examination and vaginal ultrasonography may cause abortion in the first months.

RIGHT: Early pregnancies are evaluated only by vaginal ultrasonography. This procedure is necessary to determine whether pregnancy is normal and to rule out ectopic pregnancy. There is no risk as feared and does not cause miscarriage.

FALSE: I didn't miscarry, the baby died in my stomach.

RIGHT: The baby's heart rate is also low. If there is no bleeding, the gestational sac does not grow and the baby's heartbeat is not heard, which is called miscarriage.

FALSE: I did the job, I was so tired, it was low.

RIGHT: Research to date has not shown a relationship between physical activity and risk of miscarriage. Traveling, doing business, getting tired does not increase the risk of miscarriage. The cause of miscarriage is more of a problem in the embryo. Chromosomal disorders are the most common cause of abortion.

FALSE: Blood mismatch causes miscarriage.

RIGHT: Blood mismatch between man and woman does not cause miscarriage.

FALSE: It is risky to have an abortion after abortion, reducing the chance of conception later.

RIGHT: If a piece remains in the uterus after pregnancy has deteriorated, it should be cleaned. This can only be done by abortion. Otherwise, pregnancy residues may cause bleeding and infection.

FALSE: After miscarriage you must wait 6 months to become pregnant again.

RIGHT: After miscarriage, the person may become pregnant when she feels ready for a new pregnancy. There is no need to wait for a certain time.

WRONG: The risk of miscarriage is less if I make a test tube baby.

RIGHT: Assisted reproductive techniques have higher risk of miscarriage in pregnancies by IVF method compared to spontaneous pregnancies. Doing IVF does not reduce the risk of miscarriage.


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