No fear of amniocentesis in pregnant women!

No fear of amniocentesis in pregnant women!

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Interventional diagnostic test amniocentesis, which gives important information about the health status of the baby, especially in advanced age pregnancies, is the fearful dream of many pregnant women. Fetal DNA Test girişim Amniocentesis is a fearful dream of many pregnant women, especially in advanced age pregnancies, which provides important information about the health status of the baby. "Fetal DNA Test", which is made from mother's blood and detects chromosomal anomalies, carries no risk when compared with amniocentesis and chorionic villus biopsy. Ömer Talip Turhan tells the story of the birth of the fetal DNA test as follows: fetal First, fetal DNA, which is not bound to the cell in the mother's blood, was detected and amplified. The fact that the whole chromosome could not be evaluated with these first techniques and the high cost prevented the application of the method to the whole society. However, it was able to detect almost all chromosomes in a way that can recognize even free DNA molecules, called sequence sequencing, and almost excellence was achieved in common chromosomal disorders. ”How is the test performed?The process basically started with the mother giving blood just like other assays. Ömer Talip Turhan continues: “Blood is stored in a special tube and delivered to the laboratory without exceeding a certain period of time. Fetal DNA in maternal blood is amplified on a special platform and compared to a template containing healthy or identified chromosomal diseases at hand. There is no risk of amniocentesis and chorionic villus biopsy. In this way, healthy fetuses suspected of having chromosomal anomalies are not exposed to low risk. If the fetus is healthy as a result of the procedure, there is no need for amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. ”Cost of TestingTurhan says that the cost of the procedure goes down to the levels that can be compared with amniocentesis or chorion villus sampling. clinicians recommend this option to every high-risk pregnant woman. With the technique, 3 different chromosomal anomalies, which are the most common, are evaluated as a standard. As the evaluation of all major chromosomal anomalies becomes standard and the cost decreases, the need for fetal DNA testing, amniocentesis and chorionic villus biopsy in maternal blood will considerably decrease. ”


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