Is ultrasonography dangerous in pregnancy? (one)

Is ultrasonography dangerous in pregnancy? (one)

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Ultrasonography is accepted as a safe and effective method for the evaluation of fetus. Ultrasonographic examination performed during pregnancy follow-up is called 'obstetric ultrasonography'. Since its introduction in the last quarter of the 1970s, ultrasonography has been one of the most important and indispensable tools used in the field of obstetrics.
The real-time ultrasound devices used today reflect the images of the moving fetus on the monitor screen and allow the fetus to be examined. High frequency sound waves are used to obtain these images. These waves are produced by a probe called a 'transducer'. This probe is the device that comes into contact with the mother's abdomen.
These sound waves emitted from the probe reflect from different tissues in different proportions and forms and return to the same transducer. These reflections, which are different from each other, are processed by the computer and projected onto the monitor as images. This image is called 'ultrasonogram'.
Moving images such as fetal heart beat or baby's movements are monitored on the monitor. Similarly, abnormalities in the fetus can be detected by examining the images. Again, the fetus can be evaluated by measuring the development.
What are the main uses of ultrasonography during pregnancy?
1. Diagnosis and evaluation of early pregnancyThe gestational sac can be detected by transvaginal ultrasonography as early as 4.5 weeks.2. Low threatWhen bleeding occurs in early pregnancy, whether the fetus is alive or not is evaluated by ultrasonography. Fetal heart beats 5,5-6. It can be detected with advanced ultrasound devices from the first week onwards. Ultrasonography is also used to diagnose cases such as 'missed abortus' in which the baby dies in the womb or an empty sac where it never develops. Similarly, ultrasonography plays an extremely important role in the diagnosis of ectopic or mole pregnancy.3. Evaluation of gestational sac and fetal sizeThe measurement of certain lengths of the fetus reflects the age of pregnancy. This is particularly evident in early pregnancy. In patients who do not remember the last menstrual period, fetal measurements give important information about the number of weeks of pregnancy. In the later stages of pregnancy, leg, head and abdominal circumference measurements of the fetus provide valuable clues about both the weight and development of the baby.

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