Symptoms of sinusitis in children

Symptoms of sinusitis in children

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Memorial from Diyarbakır Hospital Otolaryngology Department Kiss. Dr. Fuat Bulut,information about the importance of correct treatment of sinusitis in childhood.

Pay attention to these symptoms!
If the child has several of the following symptoms, an ear, nose and throat specialist should be consulted.

-Stubborn cough at night or in the morning
- Yellow-green colored, thick, runny nose,
- A feeling of pressure around the eyes,
- Bad breath, odor disturbance, nausea and / or vomiting,
Colds (flu / flu), sometimes mild fever, lasting more than 10-14 days,
- Nasal congestion and snoring,
Burning in the throat, sometimes with a sea discharge
- Changes in behavior,
- Permanent headache (especially after age 6)

The right diagnosis can be made with the right examination
Before starting the otorhinolaryngologic examination, the patient's family history, allergy history and possible risk factors are questioned. After endoscopic examination, imaging methods are used if necessary. If the sinuses must be radiologically seen in the diagnosis of pediatric sinusitis, the imaging method to be used computerized sinus tomography. However, tomography should not be used unless compulsory in children.
Antibiotic treatment for acute sinusitis
Acute sinusitis is a disease that is often caused by viruses, whose symptoms can completely recover in less than 3 months. The correct use of antibiotics is particularly important in the treatment of acute sinusitis. The consistency of the streams can be softened with salt water sprays. Rest is an important option in treatment.
Symptoms of chronic sinusitis are long-term
Symptoms in chronic sinusitis last longer than 3 months. If the child is experiencing a sinusitis attack 4-6 times a year, it should be evaluated by ear, nose and throat examination for allergy and nasal flesh. Very successful results are obtained in pediatric sinusitis especially with early diagnosis and appropriate drug treatment..
Pediatric sinusitis treatments may require surgery
Conditions requiring sinus surgery in pediatric sinusitis are cases that are resistant to drug treatment. Surgical treatment is an important option in the formation of abscess around the eye. In children with chronic sinusitis with nasal flesh or frequent tonsillitis, removal of nasal flesh and, if necessary, tonsils is not a treatment for chronic sinusitis alone. An adjunctive treatment should also be applied. Endoscopic sinus surgery is the preferred treatment approach for chronic sinusitis that cannot be treated despite medical treatment given in appropriate content and time and nasal flesh and tonsil operations performed when necessary. Surgery is a good treatment option in children. The most important purpose of the surgery is to ensure the opening of the sinus openings and to clean the inside of the sinuses.

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