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We continue to offer you book suggestions at regular intervals. We have tried to help you make the right choices for the books you will receive from your children by choosing from the books that can be read to preschool children. Here are the books we will introduce to you this week…

I'm learning my first words with Mr. Owl.

Prepared by Asst. Assoc. Dr. Contact Vesile directly
Illustrated by: Ülkü Ovat, ümit Öğmel
Reading Age: 3+
KÖK Publishing

While using this book, which is designed to contribute to the language development of children, adults will accompany children. Starting from the first page, under the leadership of Mr. Owl, your child will tell, make various sounds and even make imitations. By saying “Let's help Mr. Owl”, Mr. Owl will contribute to your child's language development. Children who are introduced to this fun book in their early years will also gain a love of books.

Will the flower become ill?

Prepared by: Assoc. Dr. Servet Bal, Assist. Assoc. Dr. View Atik's Full Profile
Illustrated by Huban Korman
Reading Age: 4+
YA-PA Publications

Little Burcu, who listens to her troubles, speaks with her to heal her cows that shed leaves and bends her neck, learns about flowers, learns how to look after plants. In the meantime, the friend of a friend who is hospitalized as a result of an accident allows Burcu to see the issue of health and recovery for people. A book that will make small readers sensitive to the health of all living things.

Morning in the woods

Author: Aysel Gürmen
Illustrated by Haluk Erkmen
Reading Age: 3+
Flying Fish Publications

A book describing what various animals living in the jungle do in the morning in short, simple sentences. His paintings are of the kind that small readers will like: Colorful, charming, moving, and talkable arkasında behind this illustrated book, which is carefully prepared for very young children, is a page of suggestions explaining what needs to be done to give adults the habit of reading books.

Grandma's Joke

By François Tromme (translated by Aygören Dirim)
Illustrated by Nancy Delvaux
Reading Age: 4+
Esin Publishing

It is a picture book that teaches the concepts of place and direction such as “under”, “behind”, “in front” indirectly within the context of the story of the grandmother who plays hide-and-seek with her grandchildren. This book is one of the publishing house's iz Gemini Series ust, where the story elements such as curiosity that will attract the attention of small readers, happy ending and surprise are used skillfully.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal

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