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Recent studies show that the threat of preterm birth and the negative effects of chronic diseases on pregnancy can be greatly reduced. Research on IVF has promising results for couples who cannot have children.

Pregnancy and delivery process is one of the most influential periods of women's health. The threat of premature birth and the presence of chronic diseases in this period prevent a healthy pregnancy. However, advances in medical science can largely eliminate these problems. Developments in gynecology are not limited to this process. Recent research on assisted reproductive techniques offers new options for couples who cannot have children. Acıbadem-Harvard Medical Days 7 “Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and IVF” Harvard Medical School Diabetes and Pregnancy Program Director Dr. Ian Grable, Brown Medical School Providence Women and Infants Hospital Dr. Raymond Powrie, Women and Infants Hospital, Providence Reproductive Health and Infertility Unit Manager Assoc. Dr. Gary Frishman, Acibadem Hospital Kadikoy High Risk Pregnancy Unit Responsible Assoc. Dr. Arda Lembet based on the latest research on the subject, they answered questions that were in mind.

Progesterone treatment at the risk of preterm delivery

Preterm labor occurs in one in eight women. Risk factors include poor socioeconomic status, gestational age less than 40, gestational age weakness before pregnancy, smoking, previous preterm delivery, lack of prenatal care, infections and multiple pregnancies. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Diabetes and Pregnancy Program Director Ian Grable, erken In the event of the risk of premature birth, what should be done in his speech: Monitoring of contractions at home, smoking cessation, alcohol and tobacco use and proper nutrition are essential. The measurement of uterine length with biochemical tests, especially in vaginal discharge, is very important in predicting preterm delivery eden Dr. Grable Pro Progestorone is used as a new treatment option for prevention. This treatment, which is still under investigation, is used especially in patients with a history of preterm birth and prevents contractions by increasing the excitation threshold of the uterine muscles. The risk of preterm labor decreases in those receiving progesterone. ”

Drugs can be taken during pregnancy in the presence of chronic diseases

Brown Medical School, Providence Women and Infants Hospital, Providence
Gynecology and Obstetrics Associate Professor Raymond Powrie
In her speech, she emphasized that women with chronic diseases should undergo a health check before pregnancy and said: “Babies are dependent on the health of the mother. If you are healthy, your baby will be healthy. Uncontrolled mothers put their babies' health at risk. Pregnant mothers are afraid of x-rays, MRI, control. However, each baby can receive up to 5 RAD radiation. Many diagnostic tests are already below the recommended dose. Değin Dr. Powrie says: “Asthma, blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetics can take their medications for the safety of their babies. Talk openly to your doctor about this and ask why..


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