Activities you can do with your child

Activities you can do with your child

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This week I will talk about 3 different activities that you can do with your child. In the first two activities, you can introduce your child to the nature and the environment in which you live, and in the third activity you can sign a project.

Where I live…

• Disposable camera

• Tell your child that you will go on a sightseeing trip.
• Show your child how the camera works before going on a trip.
• Tell him that he can take photos of the parks, buildings, plants, trees, shops that interest him during the trip.
• Talk to your child about what you see after the trip.
• Print these photos taken by your child and set up an exhibition where you can put these photos in one part of your house.
• Ask your child if he / she wants to name this exhibition.

Creative Clouds…

• Colorful pencils
• Picture paper

• Prepare photo papers with cloud images on different locations and in different shapes.
• On a cloudy day, go out to the garden or go to a park near your home with your child.
• After a short sightseeing trip, watch the clouds in the sky with your child and talk to them. Ask him what the shape of the clouds looks like.
• When you return home, give your child the picture paper you have prepared beforehand.
• Ask your child to paint using the cloud picture on paper. When painting, make the cloud image on the paper look like something.

Hand Labor Eye Light…

• Square or rectangular one-piece fabric
• Pieces of fabric in different colors
• Molds of various shapes
• Scissors
• Adhesive

• Set up a place in your home with your child to hang the panel made of square or rectangular fabric.
• Decide on the topic to be discussed together. To do this, you can look at story books with your child, watch documentaries, and examine related pictures on different topics.
• Remove the work plan for the cabinet. For example, once a week you can work with your child for this board.
• Have your child stick the patterns prepared from the fabrics to the clipboard.
• At the end of each study, decide with your child about the topic and type of fabric for the next week.
• Display your clipboard in a place where other family members and neighbors can see it, and have your child tell others about it.

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