Learning problems and suggestions in gifted children

Learning problems and suggestions in gifted children

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Parents may be mistaken or emotional in understanding that their children, who seem to be very intelligent, are missing something. However, many things such as late speech, late walking, inability to perform physical motor movements according to his age, sometimes distractions, especially after he started to read later than normal, and reading the words backwards indicate that there is a problem somewhere.

Preventing children's problems
In all fields, the people who we call gifted and talented people have a great share in the contributions made to the society through human effort. Therefore, the education of gifted and talented children is an important issue all over the world. Referring to the problems these children face in education, Zambak Publishing Group Culture Books Editor-in-Chief Mehmet Azim said that children should be discovered to be gifted and talented, and that families should be very careful. Perseverance “First of all, parents and teachers need to understand children because these children may have learning problems. Gifted children can also experience slow reading, spelling, vocabulary. Here, teachers or parents can solve the problem by doing sample sample readings with the student. Repeated readings can be made aloud. By selecting short texts, the parent or teacher reads the sample and then reads it to the child. Sample DVDs with sample reading can also be used in this regard..

Gifted children should be treated with caution
Experts say that gifted children are special children and they should be treated carefully. According to experts, children can be read and measured in minutes after reading and writing. Here, first of all, the target is to determine the status of the students and take the necessary measures accordingly.

Experts that putting children into the mood of race can cause emotions such as excitement and fear in learning, if there is a problem, they can inform the families without damaging the feelings of the student.

Research shows that at the end of the year, a normal primary school first grade student should read 60 words and a second grade student should read 80 words. It is known that gifted students are those who have achieved this goal even before they have started primary school. The education program should be organized according to the students who know how to read and write. Special study documents and special assignments should be given; their progress should be provided in accordance with their speed, repetitive, tedious work should be avoided. Different materials should be presented to the student according to different abilities and learning areas.

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