Children and park fun

Children and park fun

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The best way to support children's motor development is to take them to playgrounds. In parks, children have the opportunity to move in a healthy way and have fun. In fact, many mothers and fathers stop taking their children to the parks when the weather cools, thus limiting children's freedom to play outdoors. But remember that doing the park activities as often as possible is very important for the child's physical and mental development!

Hacettepe University faculty member. Let us listen to Semra Şahin's recommendations on the subject and let us take a closer look at the importance of parks and games in children's development detaylı

What is the contribution to development?

Outdoor games for children,
-Provides healthy development,
- Allows you to relax from a physical point of view
-Makes self-confidence and self-confidence during movements
- supports the child's other developmental areas as well as movement development
- allows muscles to strengthen
- Supports coordination and balance development
- enables them to gain flexibility
- regulates the respiratory and circulatory systems
- Provides nerve, muscle and joint coordination
-to provide basic skills such as walking, running, jumping, leaping, climbing, jumping required by daily life
- other children in the same environment to cooperate, to make plans, make friends.
- enables them to use more energy, relieve tension
learns to wait in queue -group

The properties of the material or area should include:

- It is very important that the medium is reliable. It provides physical assurance to children and helps them to gain confidence and sense of responsibility. It also makes them feel more independent.
- The materials in the garden should also be arranged in a way to facilitate movement. Therefore, the structural properties should also be taken into consideration. For example, walking areas should not be slippery.
-The materials in the open air spaces created for children should be vivid and attractive. Strong, contrasting colors can help children detach materials, pieces, and perceive depth.
- Materials in the garden should be useful for children. Each age group should be able to serve the child separately.
- Materials should be checked frequently. When weather conditions are taken into consideration, the materials in the open air are subject to wear. Therefore, these materials should not cause danger, rust, chain breaks, etc. necessary maintenance should be done against problems.
-Materials should allow children to use the space independently and comfortably.
-The materials should be sufficient to meet the needs of children in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Beneficiary Source:

Parks, gardens look for children's voices, Semra Şahin. Çoluk Children's Journal, 2003.

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