About ADHD and substance abuse

About ADHD and substance abuse

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It is a known fact that people diagnosed with ADHD are more prone to be addicted to alcohol, marijuana, heroin, red prescription drugs, painkillers, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, cocaine and illegal drug addicts to soothe their overworked bodies and brains. The name of using substances that increase our abilities, make us feel better or numb our feelings is to write a self-prescription, that is to become addicted to drugs.

The problem is that this method works initially to soothe the tired brain and body of an individual with ADHD, albeit in the short term. Some are more easily focused on their work with the help of nicotine, caffeine, diet medicines, and so-called * speed substances, so that they can finish their work, while others prefer to numb their DEH symptoms with alcohol and marijuana.

Individuals who are substance addicts or those who have become addicts in the past * are not bad people, but desperately trying to be good with the substances of their choice. Addictive substances are relaxing. However, this temporary comfort that begins as a “solution daha then turns into addiction, offenses committed without thinking, domestic violence, dangerous jobs without thinking, lost jobs, relationships and death. Many individuals with untreated ADHD are either dependent or die from an addiction-related cause.

Who gets addicted?
Individuals with ADHD are more likely to be dependent than individuals without ADHD. According to the research of Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Ratey Nearly 50% of individuals diagnosed with ADHD and not treated by a specialist are dependent. This rate does not include food and obsessive behaviors that alleviate symptoms.

Prevention and Early Intervention:
It is known that individuals with ADHD tend to have high risk behaviors. If ADHD is not treated, it leads to inability to find peace, to act without thinking, to feel weak, to feel ashamed and to be unorganized and to a great extent social exclusion. It is not easy to say no to the substances that will ease you if you have difficulty controlling, concentrating and resting your brain and body. The sooner children and adults are treated for ADHD, the sooner they become dependent will be prevented. Most parents, therapists or doctors who refrain from treating ADHD and believe that they do a good job will cause the individual to become dependent, even if they do not want to. Not all individuals with ADHD are required to receive medication. However, in cases that need to be treated with medication (ie diagnosed by a specialist), closely monitored prescription and controlled dependence on the correct medication can be avoided. When the right medicine helps to concentrate, control impulses and balance the energy level, the person will not choose temporary relief with addictive substances.

Drugs and Addiction
When psychostimulant drugs are administered correctly and followed, it is effective in approximately 75-80% of individuals with ADHD. These medications include Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Desoxyn. The point that should not be overlooked here is that prescription and monitored drugs are well below the doses required by drug addicts. Instead of tedavi flying tedavi, individuals under the supervision of an expert will be able to concentrate, control their impulses and have the ability to organize their lives. At the same time, the method of use is very different, while drugs are taken orally under expert control, while the substances used by the addicts are either injected or wrapped and smoked as cigarettes.



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