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Children's book recommendations!

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This week we offer you four different books to choose from for your children. Your children will have a lot of fun and learn new information with these books, all of which are fun and different from each other. We also recommend a book for parents, by reading this book you can get to know your child better and support his or her development much better. We wish you good readings…

My First Information…

Written and Illustrated by: Ayşin Bumin
KÖK Publishing
Reading Age: 3+

With this series of books introducing chelas, colors, numbers and contrasting concepts to young children, contributing to concept development, short-term memory development, and drawing and painting skills, you will also be able to watch your child's development while devoting quality time.

Pogo Frog:

Written By: Aziz Sivasoğlu
Illustrated by Oğuz Demir
Yapa Publications
Reading Age: 2+

A book with a thick cardboard sheet. A publication suitable for very young children with a short cute story. You may want to give the little ones the first book or the birthday / christmas gift.

Candle Learning Letters…

Written and Illustrated by Selçuk Demirel
Yapı Kredi Publications
Reading Age: 6+

A carefully prepared book for children who begin to recognize and read letters. A work of art that will give young children aesthetic sensibility and a warm story where children will find traces of themselves, their environment, their daily lives.

A Parent and a Donkey…

Written By: Erdal Akay
Illustrated by: Emine Bora
KÖK Publishing
Reading Age: 4+

It is a picture book that tells the story of two protagonists, Veli and his donkey, stubbornly. Small children will enjoy listening to sentences ending with rhyming words, laughing at pictures and what is going on. Since the events are grouped under four titles, the book can be read at different times according to the attention span of young children.

A book for parents…

Every Child Can Succeed…

Written by: Mel Levine
Translation: Zeliha Babayiğit
Boyner Publications

Emphasizing the importance of recognizing children's mental, emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses, the author shows parents and educators ways to achieve this. After getting to know the child in this sense, he tells how to be successful in school life and what needs to be done to maximize his mental development.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal, 2002, issue 16.

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