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Physical activities are essential for children!

Physical activities are essential for children!

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Our day-to-day living conditions affect our children as well as adults. Our days of constant stress, fatigue and inactivity make us more and more unhealthy every day and cause us to face various diseases after a certain age.

As we all know, obesity is one of the most important diseases of our age. Today, obesity is affecting many adults all over the world, and children are beginning to influence them. Every day, we can find news in the newspapers that show how much obese children are in which country. Experts also emphasize the seriousness of the issue and tell us what we need to do for a healthier life.

According to experts, inactivity is one of the most important reasons for living unhealthy. It also makes children immobile in environments with immobility and causes them to face various discomfort such as obesity at an early age. Here are a few tips on what you can do to prevent these types of problems in your children…

What can you do?

● If you do not have habits such as moving and doing sports, you should first acquire these habits as parents, because you are the most important model model of your child.

● You should teach your child various gymnastic movements as early as possible and make them move. This type of education, which you start at an early age, will also help your child learn habits for later years. You should learn by asking a specialist what age your child should learn in which gymnastics movement, because the slightest mistake can cause problems for your child in the future.

● Do not get stuck on a single element of physical development in the movements you teach your child, but support many points of physical development by combining different movements. For example, movements such as running, walking, jumping and jumping move the big motor muscles in the legs. For this reason, do not forget to choose activities that run different parts of the body.

● Try to make your children perform movements that provide hand-eye and foot-eye coordination in the activities you do. For example, the ball-catching game is an activity that highly supports hand-eye coordination. Football-like games are known as activities that support foot-eye coordination.

● Allow your child to move in a natural environment. She will feel more comfortable and more free in this environment. Walking in rough terrain is often recommended by experts, especially for young children. Because they do not concentrate much on walking on a straight path, but they focus their attention on walking on dirt roads or in hilly areas, such activity increases children's attention span and helps their leg muscles to develop.

● Try to take your children to playgrounds. Playgrounds are places that every child enjoys, so it will be easier and more enjoyable to have a variety of activities here. In addition, playgrounds include a variety of play tools where children can play and perform various movements, with children moving with the tools here helping them to move at different points of physical development.

*** You should be very careful when making activities for your child in playgrounds, because playgrounds also have play tools that do not address the age and physical development of your children, so your children should constantly follow and help them while playing in the park.

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