Narcissus mother 'health program

Narcissus mother 'health program

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Eczacıbaşı Health Services; offers you a brand new service that will give you the right information for your baby and yourself, and make every moment you spend with your baby even more enjoyable: Mother Baby Health Program “NURTOPU” With UR NURTOPU;; Everything your baby needs, everything you need to know comes to your home, as well! You will be able to raise your baby with love and information by choosing one or three visit care and education packages! Eczacıbaşı Health Services Marketing and Promotion Manager Saadet Özer tells about those who are curious about urt Nurtopu..

: Could you give information about Eczacıbaşı Health Services? When was it founded? In which provinces does it serve? How many people have been served so far?
View Saadet's Full Profile Eczacıbaşı Health Services is a partnership of Eczacıbaşı Group and The Corridor International. Since January 2001 he has been providing home health and care services. It is the first large and organized Homecare companies in Turkey. Since the day we started to serve, we have provided over 220,000 hours of service in 5,000 homes.

: Could you tell us about Nurtopu?
View Saadet's Full Profile Nurtop is a mother and baby health program. Within the scope of the Nurtopu program, we visit mothers and their babies at their homes and teach them all the details about newborn care with our expert baby nurses. Since January 2002, we have reached approximately 3,500 mothers and babies in Istanbul.

With this service, it is aimed to contribute to the healthy development of babies by creating conscious mothers and to convey the service to different segments of the society in general. From this point of view, it is aimed to extend this service to the mothers in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir by removing them from the scope of private health insurance.

: Are there varieties of Nurtop? If so what?
View Saadet's Full Profile We have two different programs, mono and muti.

: What kind of service is provided in Nurtopu mono?
View Saadet's Full Profile Our newborn nurse comes home within the first week after birth and performs general care and control of the baby and mother during the 2-hour visit. Practical training is provided to the mother and / or caregiver on issues related to washing, breastfeeding and feeding the baby.

: Can you list the services provided in Nurtopu mono visit?
View Saadet's Full Profile

For the general care and control of the mother;
Bleeding control
Suture, wound care and control
Control of vital signs
Breast care
Uterine abdominal control
Nutrition information
Information about postpartum psychology

For general care and control of the baby;
Home environment assessment
Height - weight - head circumference control
Jaundice control
Control of vital signs
Mouth, eye, nose, ear, nail and lower care

Education (Mother and / or Carer)
the Breastfeeding
Practical training and control of nutrition
First aid techniques training

: Can you tell us about Nurtopu Multi?
View Saadet's Full Profile Our newborn nurse makes a total of 3 visits to the home in the first week, 41th day after birth and 6th or 7th month upon request. During these 2-hour visits; informs the mother by giving practical trainings on many subjects such as approach to the baby, breastfeeding and butterfly massage. Makes general care and control of baby and mother. There is also a discount on select baby shops under this program.

: What are the services provided in Nurtopu multi visit content?
View Saadet's Full Profile The services provided during the first week after birth are the same as the visits I have mentioned to you within the scope of Nurtopu mono. In addition, two separate visits are made on the 41th day and optionally in the 6th or 7th month.

: What are the services offered during the 41st day?
View Saadet's Full Profile General care and developmental control of the baby, butterfly massage training and its application to the baby, practical teaching of postnatal exercises to the mother, information about the control of the baby's vaccination schedule and applications, postnatal family planning training, information about the importance of breastfeeding services are provided.

: What are the services during the 6th month or 7th month visit?
View Saadet's Full Profile The follow-up of the baby's growth and development, information about the approach to the teething baby, the ways to be followed during the transition to supplementary foods, information about the initial process of supplementary foods, preparation of additional nutrients and preparation techniques, the things to be done for the prevention of accidents are explained.

: How does the Nurtopu program work?
View Saadet's Full Profile Nurtopu program for those who want to get the service by calling us after you call, our friends in customer service will make the necessary organization and visit is made.

: How can families contact you?
View Saadet's Full Profile Mothers or anyone who wants to give this service to their relatives can contact us at 0212 317 25 00.

: What other services do you offer other than Nurtopu as Eczacıbaşı Sağlık Hizmetleri?
View Saadet's Full Profile Eczacıbaşı Health Services offers a wide range of different health services. Let's say you are too uncomfortable to get out of bed, you want a specialist doctor to come and examine you. Or if you have an ICU patient, you need medical equipment and constant surveillance. You are looking for a smiling expert who will lovingly monitor the health of your newborn and inform his mother at the same time. All in your home with Eczacıbaşı Health Services.


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