Eye diseases in newborn infants

Eye diseases in newborn infants

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Cataract, eye pressure, eye infections can be seen in infants as well as adults. Specialist Dr. Nova Eye Center Cihan Ünlüçerçi, newborn, eye diseases in the newborn.

: Can you tell us about Erken Retinopathy of Prematurity görülen seen in preterm babies
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: Especially in premature babies, if the baby is in the incubator and oxygen is given, the vessels of the less developed visual nerve become fused at the end points of the visual nerve. In more advanced cases, this ball tends to move towards the center and threaten vision. All infants receiving oxygen in the incubator should be examined immediately. More importantly, the patient needs regular follow-up and treatment when these signs of flocculation occur. Treatment is done with cryo or laser.

: Can eye infections occur in all newborns?
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: During the birth of the baby on the path of the baby germs can be transmitted. These can also cause eye infections in the baby. Early diagnosis and treatment is very important. Disease-causing microorganisms can be found and cause-oriented treatment is applied. Thus, both infection is treated in a short time and unnecessary drug use is reduced.

: Do babies also have eye pressure?
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: Congenital eye pressure is also less common, but can be seen in infants and children. The most important symptom is that the eye grows larger than normal. Especially if the colored part of the eye looks larger than normal and there is a difference in size between the two eyes, watering and inability to look at the light, a doctor should be examined. Treatment is usually surgical. It may require multiple surgeries.

: Why is congenital cataract?
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: Sometimes some babies may have congenital cataracts. The presence of dullness in one or two eyes, a smoky appearance in the eye, and slipped eye may be the onset of symptoms. The reasons may be the infection of the mother during pregnancy or medications used during pregnancy. Sometimes babies may develop cataracts without any reason. If the newborn baby has an eye loss or ophthalmology, an ophthalmologist should be examined immediately. If congenital cataract is present in one or two eyes, its treatment is surgery at an early age. But the time of surgery is decided by the doctor. In general, the entire lens is blurred, and in some cataracts, the lens may become opaque, spreading from one point to another. Sometimes emergency surgery is required and sometimes 1-2 years can be waited. These infants or children should be treated if they have lazy eye that occurred before surgery.

: Why is there a burr in the eyes of newborn babies?
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: From the first week of birth, one or two eyes of babies are manifested by burring. These infections, which do not pass or recur despite treatment, indicate tear pathway obstruction. First, massage and antibiotic drops are tried. If the result is not obtained until the age of 1 with the probe opens the tear paths. 90% success is achieved with this method. If it is not opened, other surgical methods can be tried.
Congenital burrs may be a simple infection or may be due to more serious infections. Therefore, an ophthalmologist must be examined.

: When should the first eye examination be performed?
Specialist Cihan Ünlüçerçi: As a center there is a consciousness that we always try to spread; it is the case that babies undergo an ophthalmologist's examination even if there are no symptoms when they are 11-12 months old. Thus, many diseases can be detected and treated before symptoms.

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