The mother's 9-month life (7 months)

The mother's 9-month life (7 months)

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Your pregnancy is now only three months until the end of your pregnancy. You may feel bulky and perhaps bulky. If you are born in these weeks there is even a chance to live with special care.

What's going on:
• You will feel an increase and strengthening of the baby's movements.
• Common complaints such as heartburn, digestive difficulty and cramps continue during pregnancy.
• You may experience shortness of breath due to the pressure of the baby.
• Red colored cracks in your abdomen.
• Leg cramps and back pain bothers you. Always standing upright and swimming to reduce back pain are of great benefit.
• The uterus, called false birth pains, may have short-term and irregular contractions, but they usually do not cause pain.
• You may have weird dreams about the birth or the baby. The reason may be the inability to comfort the bed or baby movements.
• Vessels in the breasts become more pronounced and colostrum may continue to flow.

What to do:
• Relax at every turn during the day. Try to sleep early in the evening.
• You should now go to the doctor's check once every two weeks.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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