Don't get pregnant without reading this news!

Don't get pregnant without reading this news!

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Meanwhile, he keeps up with the busy work pace, follows fashion and competes with men in climbing his career ladder. He says he's a child and a career, but he's as afraid of pregnancy. The biggest reason for this fear is the physical changes in pregnancy, weight gain and weight gain can not give. Okan University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Let's listen to Gamze ┼×enbursa:Book anatomical check-ups and manual therapySin The signals from the muscles, ligaments and joints in our body give us information about our physical health. Occasional pain and eclipses are considered normal in daily life. However, these signals should not be underestimated, as they are caused by events that disrupt the balance of the body. With pregnancy, the balance of the body changes both hormonal, muscular and emotional. In order to adapt to these changes, it is useful to reach the ideal body level before pregnancy. Listen to the signals from your body and have an anatomic check-up as soon as possible. Thus, you can avoid the negative effects of physical problems that may be encountered during pregnancy. If these problems are not intervened before pregnancy, you will have more problems during pregnancy. These problems may also be inherited to you after pregnancy. Prevent pregnancy with a healthy and durable body with manual therapy. So you can host your baby in a wonderful way. First muscle, then childMany studies have shown that strong muscles provide easier birth and shorten the delivery time. The important thing is to strengthen the right muscles correctly. Pelvic floor muscles in the inner part of the hip are the most important muscles that assist birth. Kegel exercises are ideal for strengthening this area. During the day, while working, relaxing, you can do these exercises to prepare you for birth. Powerful legs during pregnancy and birth will be very useful to you. It is the duty of the legs to carry the increased body weight for 9 months. Ties loosened by the effect of hormones often cause ankle sprains. You can prevent injuries by supporting your joints with specially prepared strengthening programs. With each passing day, the abdominal muscles weaken and the baby's weight starts to bend forward. This means that the back and lumbar muscles carry and load extra load. With strong abdominal and back muscles, you can balance the growth of your abdomen without any strain. During pregnancy, you maintain your upright posture and do not experience low back pain. Pregnancy preparation sportsPerhaps the biggest problem after birth is pain in the back and arms during breastfeeding and carriage of the baby. Breastfeeding, which is one of the most special moments for the mother and the baby, should not become painful due to pain. You need to carry your baby for a long time, so you need strong arms. For smooth and painless arm movements, your back muscles need to be strong. The weakness of the back muscles leads to both reduced arm movements and pain. You must choose a sport that does not cause injury and can achieve maximum efficiency. Pilates, walking, swimming, such as sports are suitable for preparation for pregnancy.Don't get pregnant without losing weightThe more fit you get into pregnancy, the more comfortable your body will get through the problems you will encounter during pregnancy. Ideal body weight, balanced weight gain and postpartum more comfortable and healthy way to lose weight.


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