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Our book suggestions continue. With these books that support your children's creativity, social and linguistic development in different ways, they will have lots of fun and learn new things.


Written and Illustrated by Serpil Ural
KÖK Publishing
Reading Age: 6+

Atatürk's spiritual daughter, Tösteriyor. This book tells the life story of Turkey and the world's first female fighter pilot Sabiha Gökçen with photographs and colorful pictures. This is a publication that will be proposed in order to introduce the famous Turkish women to children, especially to provide an example model for girls.

Envelope Folding / Envelope:

Author: Ayla Çınaroğlu
UÇANBALIK Publications
Application age: 5+

Im Let's not throw the envelopes, fold the envelopes Ay Ayla Çınaroğlu said,

- Gifts, tableware
-Houseware, toys
-Cute animals
Description-decorating hats

has prepared a series of four libraries that teaches how to do. With the application methods supported by drawings and photographs, we can easily produce many things in these books, whether at home or at school. Çınaroğlu describes the books as küçük a small opportunity to develop manual dexterity and phantasy while producing ve and says, mama I respectfully refer to the art of Japanese paper folding (origami);

I Learn My First Words with Mr. Owl:

Prepared by Asst. Assoc. Dr. Contact Vesile directly
Illustrated by: Ülkü Ovat, Ümit Öğmel
KÖK Publishing
Reading Age: 3+

While using this book designed to contribute to the language development of children, adults will sweat alongside children. Starting from the first pages, under the leadership of Mr. Owl, your child will tell, make various sounds and even make imitations. By saying “Let's help Mr. Owl”, Mr. Owl will contribute to your child's language development. Children who are introduced to this fun book in their early years will also gain a love of books.

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