Recurrence of Nasal Flesh in Children

Recurrence of Nasal Flesh in Children

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Nasal congestion, never ending coughs, clogged ears and loud snoring at night unuz Your child has had nasal surgery but health problems still persist. However, various diseases, especially allergic flu, are the main cause of this condition. In such cases, taking nasal meat alone may not be enough, for example, allergy treatment is required. However, since families do not know this fact, they worry endiş did the nasal flesh repeat? Ve and they try to find a solution to this problem.Memorial Etiler Medical Center ENT Department Op. Dr. View Atilla's Full ProfileAnswered the question mı Does nasal repeats meat? Ve and advised families on the subject.

Nasal flesh can cause growth retardation in your child

Nasal flesh is associated with many of the pediatric otorhinolaryngological diseases and is often a condition that families do not like to hear. The nasal tissue, which is called “adenoid ıyla by its medical name, is located in the nasal cavity at the back of our nasal cavity. As with tonsils, it is an element of the immune system in which the primary response to microbes is given. When the nasal flesh grows and fills the nasal cavity for various reasons, it may cause nasal congestion, sleep apnea syndrome (pale sleep in sleep) and recurrent ear problems. It can also lead to growth retardation due to loss of appetite and recurrent infections. It is observed that after some time after nasal surgery to eliminate these problems, some children have returned or have not recovered from the beginning. At this stage, the parents are worried, gen Did the nasal meat repeat? ”Or“ Isn't the nasal meat adequately taken? Endiş. However, recurrence of nasal flesh is very rare, and in children with congestion in the nasal-nasal region, another disease that actually accompanies nasal flesh, such as allergic rhinitis, may be the cause. When nasal surgery is performed together with the necessary treatment, it may be possible for the child to relax significantly.

Nasal breathing is very important

The nasal cavity, in contrast to what is known, is not actually a cavity. It is a highly developed organ that sends the exhaled air to the lungs as cleaned, heated and humidified and feels and smells the air. The purification and air conditioning functions of our nose are also important for our lungs and general health. This is because asthma in children with impaired nasal functions, for example, greatly improves after nasal surgery.
There is a “mucous membrane” in the nose that catches and cleanses various microbes, dusts and allergens that enter through the respiratory system. This cleaning mechanism is very important for the functions of the nose. In addition, there are some formations known as “nose flesh arasında among the people that we feel when they swell sırayla one side of our nose in order to open and close ş. These structures, which we call “konka üstlen, assume the air conditioning functions of the nose. When the cleansing feature of the mucous membrane is deteriorated for various reasons and / or the nose is swollen with swelling of the flesh of the nose, disruptions in functions begin. Subsequently, other diseases related to the respiratory tract are provided or they may become difficult to heal. In other words, the prevention or improvement of many diseases in the ear-nose-throat area depends on the proper breathing and functioning of the nose.

Nasal flesh causes nasal congestion

Nasal flesh usually grows in children due to recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. When the nose is large enough to prevent breathing, it also causes deterioration of nasal functions. In other words, when the cleansing mechanism of the nose is affected, the residence time of the allergens and deposits in the interior increases. Nasal tissues swell due to the increased allergic response of the mucosa to varying degrees, with or without prior allergic fever. In addition to the congestion caused by the nasal flesh, mucosal swelling that develops in this way also increases the nasal congestion a little more. After this, the functions of the nose are further impaired, the residence time of the allergens is prolonged, and the nose is almost vicious. In this way, when the nose is completely clogged, it becomes difficult to shrink the nasal flesh. When the nasal flesh is removed, some children survive this vicious cycle, while others do not. In order to prevent this condition, other problems causing nasal obstruction should be identified and treated.

Allergic rhinitis should also be treated in addition to nasal surgery

It is very important that other diseases accompanying the nasal flesh are identified before surgery. For example, families should be informed that the presence of allergic fever of the child has been determined before surgery and that treatment may be required for a while after nasal surgery. Otherwise, the child's parents will think that the symptoms persist and that the nasal flesh recurs. A child who has had a good nasal surgery but whose nasal congestion and ear symptoms persist, but when allergic fever is treated, the likelihood of recurrence of the problems may be reduced.

In pediatric otolaryngology, we can directly detect the presence of nasal flesh and allergic fever with pediatric endoscopes developed for children. If a child with nasal fever has allergic symptoms, we must first try medical treatment to control his allergic fever. If the nasal breathing can be adequately provided, it may be possible for it to escape the vicious circle and regress the symptoms associated with the nasal flesh. In recent years, we have been able to make a significant progress in medical treatment thanks to appropriate “nasal wash” fluids. The ability of these fluids to cleanse the nose from allergens and intense secretions by mechanical cleaning has helped us to restore the nose functions and remove the nose from the vicious circle. The effort to gain nasal functions can help shrink the nasal flesh over time if conditions permit. However, very young children sometimes do not adapt to the treatment of nasal wash.

Nasal curvature (deviation), other intranasal anatomical disorders, some developmental masses in the nasal region, tumors and even simple crusts may cause nasal congestion. be able to. However, in most of these cases, the problem can be identified by endoscopic examination and necessary measures can be taken by making the necessary treatment and recommendations.

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