Tips to Protect Eyes in Summer

Tips to Protect Eyes in Summer

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Sea, pool, sun…. Although the indispensable trio of the summer months are the protagonists of pleasant moments, it can become the enemy of the eyes when not paid attention. The harmful rays of the sun damage the entire structure of the eye, and the salt of the sea and the chlorine of the pool increase the risk of infection. For this reason, it is necessary to wear suitable glasses when going to the sun, and after the pool and sea, you should take a shower with soapy water. The measures to be taken to spend the summer with healthy eyes are not limited to these. Family Hospital Bahçelievler Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Holy Artillery, He gave information about the measures to be taken in order to spend the summer months with healthy eyes.The eyes are blushing and burringIn the summer, the rate of infection and allergy in the eyes increases. Factors such as dust, pollen and sun cause allergic reactions in the eye. Microbes from the sea and ponds bring serious eye infections. As a result, especially in these days, many people's eyes are either red or burred ... Everyone with light skin and colorful eyes, especially these days need to take care of eye health.Increased temperature drying eyesEspecially when the sun comes upright, the oily secretions on the side of the eyelids increase in order not to dry the eye. When these secretions are frozen, the front sight is formed. In addition, with the increase in temperature and the effect of evaporation, there is a decrease in tears, which disrupts the eye's defense against germs and allergens.Recommendations that protect the eye from the damages of the sun, pool and sea1- After leaving the sea and pool, take a shower with clean water: Sea salt and chlorine of the pool disrupt the defense of the eye due to its chemical effects and cause infection to occur. For this reason, after the sea or the pool, it is absolutely necessary to take a shower with clean water. As the cleanliness of the sea and pools can change instantly, it is an important protective measure for the eyes to be dried with a shower and personal towel to be carried out later. When selecting sunglasses, select the glasses that filter ultraviolet A and B rays. Because the ultraviolet rays that come into contact with the eye between 11.00-16.00 hours when the sun's rays come upright cause cataract development at an early age. It also damages the cells behind the eye when it reaches the retina. With the damage to the eye cells, the yellow spot disease normally seen in people over 65 can occur at an early age.3- Do not buy too dark sunglasses: Pupils with dark glasses are growing and the sun rays entering the eye increase. When selecting sunglasses, top-down glasses should be preferred to open the color tones.4- If you have makeup in your eyes do not stay in the sun for long. Especially the pencils on the eyelid can flow under the influence of heat, clogging the mouth of tear-secreting glands can prepare the ground for infections. Be sure to clean your eye makeup before going to bed. Therefore, first of all, parents need to teach their children personal hygiene. Some children do not like soaping their face because soap hurts when they get into the eyes and only wash it with water. This does not provide adequate cleaning. It can be effective for parents to give their children the habit of washing their faces with baby shampoo. When they wake up in the morning, before meals, after and before bedtime, children must wash their hands and face. The creams applied to the forehead can catch the eye with the effect of heat. This can cause eye irritation. Also wash your face with soap 2 hours before bedtime to prevent the harmful effects of the cream.

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