Travel abroad with children

Travel abroad with children

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For the past month we had a strange scurry in our house. When our parents went to school, my grandmother, who was taking care of me, had been hugging me and crying for no reason for the last week. I wonder if I have a place “uff da I was looking at my knees because I do not know. I saw dozens of new and de sweet ici boxes in my father's study room, where I was able to take advantage of the opportunity several times, even though it was forbidden to me. I thought these were birthday Bunlar hedi ”(gifts) for a long time. It turned out that the whole preparation was for our “Alminya” journey with ”bisi isi.

We will board the plane at 12 noon from Istanbul. Ours managed to match the flight time to my sleep time, as usual. Let's see if I'm going to sleep on the plane and let them plan for the trip as they imagined. Or will I try to take the plane by saying that this journey is my journey? If I'm awake, Uncle Pilot might consider making an emergency landing. Hihi 🙂 Because I've just discovered my voice, and like all my peers, I love to shout as much as I can.

My grandfather left us to the airport. It made me sad to say goodbye to my grandfather. Because I won't see him for two months. According to my mother, the cooking of pasta was much longer than the boiling time of the egg for 2 months. While I am waiting impatiently for these times, my grandfather Zeynel, my exercise bike, the cucumbers we planted with my grandfather Rasim, we do not take with us because we can not carry the “wand man book”, the moon shining on the ceiling of my room and how to get stars for two months.

When my mother heard the word delay I heard from my father for the first time, she tried to produce alternatives for the trip if she did not coincide with my sleep time. We went to a wider place to keep me entertained a little more and I played with my car for a while.

2 husband biscuits, 6 bags and my seat on the plane after giving my seat I had a fun ride. I thought why not on the streets. Even in my room, how much fun I would have.
We came to the waiting room with lots of people lying down and sleeping on the chairs. I like to wake up some passengers by touching them, but I guess they weren't. They didn't get mad when the shields saw me.

Watching the big planes from the trees in our garden, the orange and banana colored officials who tried to do their jobs quickly kept me busy. Then we went to my uncle who was a cop like my uncle. Everyone looking at the burgundy notebook in my father's hand was saying hello to Tibet, I thought how many friends of my father were, and they all know my name.

With the arrival of a brother in a suit, everyone headed that way. Long live “chi” (chocolate) I thought I was distributing. But when I went through the long tunnel, I realized there was no chocolate. My mother told me we're going to go through cotton candy clouds in the sky. It was the first time I'd fly like a bird. My mom read that it would be good to have a drink to protect my ears from pressure, but she gave me some juice when the plane took off. I felt his warm hands in my ears when he got a little higher.

We sometimes play games by lying on the ground in Iznik. One of my favorites is watching “heli h (helicopter) and airplane snake (airplane exhaust trail). But the plane didn't sound so much while we were playing plane snakes.

When my father picked me up and opened my arms, I always thought that the sound of the plane was like a bird because I always make birds. But when the plane sounded like my grandfather's tractor, I first buried my head in my mother's neck. Then I got used to it slowly.

When the sister stewardess brought me a plane from the balloon, I was a bit relieved.
I took off my belt after takeoff and watched some passengers. I was already sleepy. When I took my blue toy, I slept as usual. So I missed what ours were talking about.

Two brothers welcomed us in Frankfurt. “Bisiler” and bags Yunus my brother's car, we went to the subway. This is the first time I've taken the subway. I was very excited by the sound and wind of the subway wagons approaching and the fact that the wagons were so long. I stuck to my dad's leg when he stood next to me. Here we were. I had to get out of my mother's hand and live by myself. After a long effort, I got rid of my mother. I was standing by myself. Oh, how much noise it makes. The same day I boarded both the plane and the train for the first time. I thought it was our quiet bikes.

We're in Frankfurt. We couldn't wait to shop right away and leave.
We looked at the tents in a store that had lots of tents I had seen in the camps we went with ours before. My parents decided to buy the tent, which had a separate children's section. They're gonna put me down there. We set up the tent and went inside to try it out. I jumped for joy and touched the ceiling. When I found the right jumpsuit and pillow, I almost slept on the spot in the tent.

Then we went to get me a trailer. I was going to use the trailer when I was sleeping and the weather was rainy. My imagination had to be transparent and spacious all over, because it would be my tiny room for 2 months. My parents will have heard me that they bought a large trailer designed for two children. I tried to sit in my pavilion, it was quite spacious and comfortable. I got off dozens of times. Yeah, yeah, it was great. I also use more comfortable and Turkey was safe. Then my father and il Alil (Halil) brother çıkar took the bikes out of their boxes, so we toured Frankfurt with my mother and “Yunu (Yunus) brother bizde.

While walking in the city, my mother said that we had a group of black people who were dancing and singing, whose colors were much darker than ours, because they drank too much chocolate milk. The dance in my mother's lap was great. Biscuits and bags were ready, but it was dark.

After going to Yunus evening dress and eating, I immediately fell asleep. Our parents used me to sleep at the same time when I took my sleeping object (blue) and pacifier with the same sleeping routine.
From time to time, my parents were up until morning to do some work. Let them smile tomorrow morning a smile on them all goes away. Tomorrow I'm very excited that the wheels will turn.

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