Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Cradle

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Cradle

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When your baby is in the crib, it is usually outside the visual field and is alone. Therefore, the crib should be completely safe.

When choosing a crib for your baby, you should:

- The spacing between the bars should not be more than 6 cm, ie wide enough for the baby to compress his head.

- The cradles must not contain lead raw material which adversely affects human health.

- Another important consideration when buying a baby cradle is the ability to be adjusted. So much so that your baby should be able to lower the level of the bed as soon as it starts to sit and be so deep that it will not fall or climb when it leans against the edges.

- If there is a circus-type toy on the cradle, the baby should be so high that it cannot reach it while in the crib. In addition, these toys must be removed when babies start to sit.

- Another feature that should be considered when selecting baby cribs, your baby's bed and bed between the crib to prevent loss of a full fit in the cradle and no space between the remaining. If three or more fingers can penetrate the edges of the bearing, a new bearing suitable for the cradle should be purchased.

If the choice of baby feeders is to be used in favor of wooden ones; There should be no splinter or crack


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