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All about baby care (1)

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Dear parents, you start a whole new life with your baby; you will have many beautiful and happy days in this life. In addition, you may encounter many situations that you are foreign. Here's what you need to know about baby care…

Skin Feature

  • After birth, the skin may appear purple than its normal color.
  • Hands and feet may be cold.
  • Breathing is uneven and fast.
  • The skin is red, rough and sensitive.

Body Feature

  • The head is larger than the body and may be distorted as it passes through the birth canal in normal infants.
  • He has soft parts on his head (binggildak).
  • His legs are curved inwards, normal.
  • There may be fat bubbles in her chin and around the nose. (Milia)
  • There may be bruising in the sacral region (mongon stain)

Vision And Hearing Characteristics

In most babies, tears begin in the 2nd month. As soon as they are born, their senses begin to perceive.

Genital Features

With the effect of hormones passing from the mother, there may be swelling and milk coming from the breasts of the girls and boys.
Girls' genital organs, lips that cover the vagina swelling. Also discharge and bleeding may come.
Male babies can be seen swollen skin covering the ovaries.
The testicles of 4% of male infants have not yet descended.
Newborn Behavior

In newborn babies, you may experience jaw trembling, lower lip rotation, hiccups, irregular breathing, coughing, sneezing, yawning, sound sleep, startle, trembling of hands and arms crying, crying and bruising if it gets cold.
Reasons for Crying

Babies express themselves crying. Crying is quite natural and we expect it to happen… Babies often cry when they are hungry, dirty underneath or gas.
Other than these, even if you eliminate all these problems, they may cry for no reason. Infants need spiritual satisfaction in addition to their physical needs. To meet this, the mother needs to make her feel safe together in her arms, feeling compassion, love and warmth.
Admission Positions

The baby bed should be hard enough not to be buried in the baby and the pillow should not be used. After feeding, you should lay your baby on the right side by supporting the back with a pillow. As your baby gets tired, you can change the position from right to left side.
Weight Loss

It is normal for your baby to lose weight in the first week, not to exceed 10% of birth weight. After that, it should start to weigh. This will be followed up at the doctor's checks.

First Pee-Poo

Its first poo is blackish dark green and sticky. It is called meconium. After 2-3 days, as it gets breast milk, it turns into watery, mustard yellow color. Babies who take breast milk can poop after each breastfeeding.

Neonatal Jaundice

60% of the newborn infants are 2 to 3. This condition which we define as physiological jaundice is completely harmless. However, bilirubin, which causes jaundice, may rise to dangerous levels in some cases, such as blood incompatibility, and may require treatment.


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