Pay attention to feast catering

Pay attention to feast catering

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Memorial Suadiye Medical Center Department of Nutrition and Diet. View Nilay's Full Profile He gave information about healthy eating plan during Ramadan Feast.

See sugar label information

Instead of increasing weight gain by consuming sugar and its derivatives without any nutritional value during the holiday, you can use our choice of milk and fruit desserts without freezing. Many confectionery contains chemical sweeteners with a high content of corn syrup or fructose. It will be best to look at the label information when making confectionery selection, to make sure that the package is not torn and corroded and to use the expiry date products.

At least 12 glasses of water on the first day of the holiday

The first day of a three-day diet during the feast is very important. With the comfort of fasting, the idea of ​​im I can eat anything ”can confront us with many problems such as gas, bloating, indigestion, and changes in our blood sugar balance. Therefore, at least 12 glasses of water on the first day, balanced meals should be adjusted by adjusting our meal.

4 windings in one visit

After a light and varied breakfast on the morning of the holiday, you can have a light visit by taking only one slice of burrito or 4 olive oil rolls together with sherbet desserts, slice pastries or wraps instead of a cup of tea. Please note that; there will be refreshments on your next visit and you will have difficulty turning back. There is quite a big difference between the calories of a bowl of milk dessert and the calories of a portion of syrup. Excessive consumption of sugary sweets can also cause deterioration in the intestines.

Dinner must be salad if eaten a lot on visits

You can spend the afternoon snack with our fruit selection. For dinner; you can choose meat fish or chicken. In addition to a portion of meat, a vegetable dish with olive oil close to 4 tablespoons plus a slice of bread will suffice for us. If we think that we are consuming more during our visits, we should eat more lightly at dinner. For example, a meat or chicken salad, along with a slice of bread would be the right choice.

Start exercising on the second day

It is important to exercise during the remaining time after the visit as the normal diet will be more comfortable on the second day of the feast. In short distances it is better to walk instead of driving and climb stairs instead of using an elevator.

Holiday holiday recommendations

Those who combine the holiday with the summer holiday should be careful in feeding the buffet. Following fasting, eating constantly disrupts the stomach and intestinal tract and leads to many problems such as blood pressure heart palpitations and blood sugar disorders. On holiday, especially after a solid breakfast, lunch should be spent lighter. In the afternoon snack, you can consume tea with a lean toast, a slice of cake or a slice of pastry. It is important to eat meat and vegetables.

Holiday-time exercise relaxes you

Exercise on holiday will relax the body and prevent the occurrence of weight problems. Swim is one of the best exercises. If you swim for half an hour in a brisk manner, a high percentage of calories will be spent. A 45-minute light-paced walk to add to the swim can help you stay healthy and avoid any hardship during the holidays.

Eat 1 pancake Swim for 1 hour

It is important that the foods be grilled, baked or boiled. Because consuming roasting and roasting during the holiday, our stomach, which has been relieved during Ramadan, may cause problems in a moment, and then may cause weight problems. We know that pancakes, which are indispensable for the holidays, are fat and have more calories. When you eat an oversized pancake, you can swim for about an hour to compensate for its calorie.

Reduce tea and coffee consumption

Individuals with heart blood pressure or metabolic disease should pay attention to tea and coffee consumption during visits or holidays. Daily tea consumption will not exceed three cups will be enough for these patients. Instead of chocolate or sweets, children should consume desserts such as rice pudding, custard and ice cream with a high calcium content. Chewing foods well and eating little by little, eating frequently and drinking plenty of water is a sine qua non of a healthy diet.

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