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Does your child not want to sleep?

Does your child not want to sleep?

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Don't worry if your child needs your help to fall asleep for a long time, wakes up and wakes again and again during the night, and your child's night sleep disrupts yours.

We all wake up many times during the night, then we see that we are safe and continue to sleep. Most of us don't even realize we're awake because it only takes a few seconds. This also applies to children. But there is only one difference. They want the initial conditions to be in place as they go to sleep. These can be any conditions that may disrupt the mother's and father's sleep patterns, such as being held on arms, standing swings, sleeping with a bottle or pacifier or sucking breast milk. Therefore, it is very important for the child to learn to sleep alone. Acıbadem Hospital Kozyatağı Chest Diseases and Sleep Disorders Doctor Ceyda Kırışoğlu He offers the following suggestions to families with sleep problems: "Parents do not accept this as a destiny and break the habits of the child during the transition to sleep. In this case, each family can be tried different methods according to the structure and wishes. learning to fall asleep. Sleep habit The first few days of replacement can be difficult. But then you and your child have a good night's sleep. ”

Especially during the night in infancy Waking up often can be seen. The child cannot go to sleep without drinking a certain amount of milk or eating food. Babies do not need feeding during the night sleep after the 6th month. Rather, it is considered a pleasant connection with the mother. The sleep is interrupted either by the time spent awake or by wetting the gold more frequently. In these children, the amount of liquid drunk at night can be reduced gradually. Nutritional intervals should be extended. In any case, the liquid can be diluted if your child insists on this request. Night-time sleep will be less interrupted when more or more watered milk or juice loses its appeal. In the sixth month, your baby should be able to sleep for 9-10 hours at night.

Most families in the evening child's sleep time When the house is experiencing great tension. After 2 years of age, most often between 3 and 6 years of age, sleep time, trying to find excuses to sleep, the child's creativity in this regard is becoming a period that knows no limits. Dr. Ceyda Kırışoğlu said, dir It is a period in which behaviors aimed at delaying bedtime are exhibited as a result of the inability of the parents or the person who cares for the child. Bu includes any excuse, such as the desire to go to the bathroom. These are especially excuses that the child believes will be made to be accepted by their parents. Boundary disorder is the inability of the child to be sent to bed at the right time as a result of inability to enforce the rules regarding the bedtime or severe resistance to this issue. If the rules regarding the bedtime are not strictly established or the determination and application of these rules is not followed, the child will want to go to bed later every night and will not be able to sleep for the time required. Since the approach and wishes of each family will be different in treatment, it is not right to determine a common method. However, in general there should be certain rules for sleep time, parents should act jointly and show a determined attitude ”


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