Is it normal to lose weight during pregnancy?

Is it normal to lose weight during pregnancy?

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weight gain during the period is an important and important condition.
Weight gain status according to the structure of expectant mothers, as fast or slow
change. Some expectant mothers, nausea during pregnancy
may not gain much weight, may even lose weight. Some expectant mothers
it can gain weight very quickly. Women often gain weight
but the most important point of pregnancy and the normal course of absolute
is the way to lose weight. Until that day, diets, sports at a time
it should not be considered because it was a waste of pregnancy and sense of motherhood
It will make you forget everything, it will make you happy with completely different emotions.

Diet during pregnancy?

diet during your period is not recommended by experts. Pregnancy
period is not possible to stay at the weight you are. Your baby's health
In terms of diet and weight gain in this period is a healthy situation. Mother
candidates can interpret the word 'diet' according to them. During pregnancy
diet means not to lose weight, it is a diet according to yourself
template. Your diet is your excess weight gain
it will help you to get the weight you need slowly.
Remember, this period is special and is a period you do not experience frequently, pregnancy
Even things you've never eaten because of your hormones can hurt you. because of
Everything you want, you can eat in the decision.

Is it normal to lose weight during pregnancy?

In the first months of the period may increase your nausea due to hormonal conditions.
For this reason, you can not eat enough and you can lose weight. Some Mom
This condition may continue until the moment of birth and
less weight gain can occur. This is not healthy. Your nutrition
it means feeding your baby and gaining weight for the development of your baby
It is important. Therefore, your baby needs vitamins, nutrients to him
You must provide

What is the ideal weight gain during pregnancy?

Candidates gained weight during a healthy pregnancy, 9-13 pounds
It is from. Weight gain
dangerous for you and your baby.
situations may arise. Almost 5 of the weight you already receive during pregnancy
her weight is caused by your baby's weight and edema accumulated in your body. Pregnancy
If you are under 9 pounds during the period of weight gain that you can not eat enough and
it may also indicate that your baby cannot feed enough. Weight over 13 kilos
your baby may have gained more than usual weight, which
It can be difficult. Obesity, sugar, heart in overweight babies
diseases may occur.

In short
It is important not to lose weight during pregnancy, but to gain weight. So pregnancy
Enjoy your period and worry about things like not to lose weight, lose weight
Do not. Keep in mind; your baby and your health from the appearance of your body
more important.

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