Wrong known truths in pregnancy

Wrong known truths in pregnancy

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With the widespread use of the Internet, ”information
ği pollution reached a dangerous size. Texts of unknown origin and
scientific advice was everywhere. Particularly health-related
it became difficult to distinguish right from wrong. That's why we've listed the right known mistakes about pregnancy for you.

Zar Harm of the small number of cigarettes smoked during pregnancy
There is no! ”(Wrong)

”Low birth weight due to smoking during pregnancy
probability of occurrence of some unusual conditions, such as a baby bebek
It rises. Therefore, as soon as you know that you are pregnant
you must stop smoking.

Diş No dental treatment during pregnancy! ”(Wrong)

You can continue your routine dental examinations throughout your pregnancy. If an intervention is required as a result of the examination, it should be performed after the first 12 weeks
Recommended. No intervention should be made within the first 12 weeks except in emergencies.

Leke Stain-like bleeding in the first month of pregnancy is normal! ”(Wrong)

Bleeding in the first 3 months may indicate a low risk. Therefore
about the causes of bleeding by ultrasonography
information should be obtained.

Cinsel Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is harmful! ”(Wrong)

It is not harmful at any time during pregnancy. Except for some very special cases
There is no harm in having sexual intercourse.

Araç Do not drive during pregnancy!! (Wrong)

Carefully, until the last weeks of pregnancy, safety
the car can be used by attaching the seat belt, but still
reflexes may be slimming is useful to be careful.

Lar The radiation from the computer screen is harmful to the baby! ”(Wrong)

The results of the studies on the subject,
rays are not expected to have a negative effect on pregnancy. However, research continues. In terms of peace of mind
you can take a precaution by installing a filter on your monitor.

Ilaç Medication cannot be used during pregnancy! ”(Wrong)

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, urinary tract during pregnancy
infection, stomach problems, such as
There are many drugs that are proven to have no effect. Consult your doctor if necessary
can continue to use.

J Gynecological examination during pregnancy is harmful! ”(Wrong)

General gynecological at the beginning of pregnancy
It is useful to pass the examination. This general inspection may
is very important in the name of uncovering. Low risk of gynecological examinations
It does not increase.


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