NST during pregnancy

NST during pregnancy

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Fetus movements and heart
rhythm is very important for baby health. NST, heart
reveals the increase in beats and the graph of the movement of the fetus
is the name of the technique. Measuring the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy
used. Hypertension, chronic kidney disease, goiter and diabetes
maternal diseases such as
hypertension, restricted movements of the fetus, growth retardation, decreased water,
In high-risk pregnancies with the possibility of late birth NST, the fetus
gains great importance in order to follow health. 32 to 34 weeks
It is the ideal time frame for applying NST. In some cases earlier
It can be initiated. It is recommended to repeat it once a week or twice a week.
In case of deterioration of the findings obtained, regardless of the time
It is. The normal duration of this test is 20 minutes. Depending on the baby's sleep cycle
can be applied for longer periods.

The increase in heart rate is evaluated according to the week of pregnancy. 32.
above the gestational week for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes in NST
heart rate exceeds 15 beats and returns to the average rate
at least 2 increases are considered normal NST tests. 32nd pregnancy
10 weeks before the average heart rate for 10 seconds in NST.
At least 2 increments in normal NST where it returns to average velocity above the beat
is evaluated.

Are there any symptoms?

NST, fetal heart rate changes due to movements in the womb
Reports. It also gives clues about uterine contractions in the mother. in the womb
monitoring the character and level of contractions, mother and
is very important for baby health.

it does not harm the baby and the mother. In the majority of cases from abnormal
normal. Abnormal NST sign with gestational age
Related. Before the 28th week of pregnancy,
no negative condition was detected in 80% of fetuses. This
Normal NST results in the weeks of fetus is healthy.


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