Diabetes testing during pregnancy

Diabetes testing during pregnancy

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Diabetes characterized by high sugar found in the blood
is a disease. Pregnancy diabetes in some women
can. Some women called gestational diabetes after pregnancy,
may have pregnancy glucose patients. Pre-maternal mothers with diabetes,
blood sugar levels during pregnancy will be more difficult to control.
Therefore, the insulin rate in pregnancy should be re-regulated.

The person who learns that she will become a mother
increase in blood sugar levels during pregnancy
visible. This situation will indicate a pregnancy sugar in the mother
And development. Diabetes testing during pregnancy, 24-28 weeks of the period

Candy loading to the expectant mother between 24-28 weeks
It should be applied. In the test, 50 g glucose is given to the mother.
After waiting for one hour, the blood glucose level is measured. This level
as long as the glucose level is below 140 mg / dl during the detection,
means that the mother is not pregnant. But above this value
3 hours, 100 g of glucose is given to the test again
must. At the end of the 3-hour test, whether the expectant mother has pregnancy sugar or not

To be diabetic before pregnancy or
The occurrence during pregnancy carries certain risks to the woman and her baby.
Pregnant mothers with diabetes during pregnancy, blood sugar
risk of diabetes
It should be reduced. Risk of diabetes during pregnancy
diabetes is less than the disease. This situation is absolutely sugar loading
test, and treatment should be started.

What can be the consequences?

Pregnancy in expectant mothers if left untreated
poisoning, high blood pressure, preterm birth and miscarriage.
Some of the babies of mothers who have diabetes before pregnancy
There may be problems. This type of diabetes started during pregnancy
problems do not occur. However, in both ways, the baby being overweight, the baby
may cause problems in development. In such a case the expectant mother will be
the situation may carry some risks. Pregnant mothers in the blood
When sugar levels are controlled, the risks that may occur


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