Physical changes after birth

Physical changes after birth

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The mother's body changes after pregnancy and childbirth,
especially after birth. The state of the mother's uterus before pregnancy
in order to come to begin to contract regularly. Body due to birth
may become tender and back pain. Even the body can sweat more.

Most physical changes after birth are temporary. This
so there is no need to worry. Day after day after giving birth
you'll see the changes you've gone through. Postpartum hemorrhage,
perineal pain, puerperium pains, breast swelling, intestines and urine
changes and finally changes in nutrition.

In mothers, a blood discharge called postpartum lochia
Experienced. This is the discharge of blood discharge in the form of red and then pink,
brown and finally yellow to white and ends. Bleeding first started
the day is dark, it opens towards the last days. This type of discharge occurs in both kinds of birth.
However, the mother who gave birth by caesarean section had no severe bleeding and had no severe bleeding.
then it is expected to end.

Pain between the vagina and the rectum
livable. The reason for this is that the baby is more comfortable during birth.
This is because the area is more torn than torn. If the doctor during childbirth
pain, but a quick healing process

Continuing for several days after childbirth
contractions, the mother's uterus trying to get into the state before pregnancy
points. If you support your stomach with a warm towel, get some pain

The most noticeable change in this period of your breasts
stuffed with milk. Your breasts need to be stimulated to relieve this pain.
In this way, milk production starts more steadily. For this situation
The best method is to breastfeed your baby frequently. What is your baby
If so often and absorbs too much, milk production will start in direct proportion to it. if
if you can't bear the pain in your breasts and your baby can suck more
If not, you can apply cold compresses to your breasts.

Pain and swelling on your breasts unless you breastfeed
continues. In this case, breasts tightening and contact with heat

Urine for a very short time after birth
may have difficulty If you are faced with such a situation,
urine output and do not forget to do Kegel exercises. your muscles
after strengthening, you will not have this problem. Besides
constipation, hemorrhoids and intestines may also experience discomfort. Bowel
problems for consumption of plenty of fluids, bran and plums are good to eat
It is the future.

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