Do cysts prevent pregnancy?

Do cysts prevent pregnancy?

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One of the issues most women suffer from is ovarian cysts. These are small cysts filled with liquids. Approximately 30-40 cm in size can be large and small.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

These cysts are mainly; pain in the groin, intense pain during menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse. However, if these cysts are crushed or exploded; dizziness, severe nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain.

How to tell if the cyst is benign or not?

This is determined by a doctor's examination and ultrasound test. In some women, blood is measured. Blood values, such as CA-125 values ​​are found to be high, this may be a symptom of the tumor. In such cases
MRI is requested from the patients. In ultrasound examination, these cysts are larger than 10 cm, changes in the surface of the cyst, disturbances, and adherence to other tissues are among the potentially dangerous situations.

Is the ovarian cyst an obstacle to pregnancy?

In general, ovarian cysts do not constitute a negative condition for women. This also applies to expectant mothers. When the cysts are chronic, it is usual to become pregnant with a cyst already present in the expectant mother. However, rarely seen chocolate cysts have features that may prevent pregnancy. This characteristic is that chocolate cysts may adhere to other tissues, which may cause problems.

In such cases, the mother is treated for pregnancy by consulting a doctor or a postnatal treatment.
implementation will be correct.

How is ovarian cyst treated?

Mostly seen and experienced in women and mothers, ovarian cyst is called. These cysts
they are non-hazardous and generally pass by themselves and disappear. There is a very small possibility that treatment may be needed. However, if these cysts do not go away or show growth, they may need to be removed and treated surgically.

If the size of these cysts is less than 5-6 cm, it usually disappears within a few weeks. Thanks to the contraceptive pill taken with the doctor treatment, these cysts can disappear. Non-disappearing cysts despite this treatment medical and surgical interventions.

You should always pay attention to the follow-up of your cysts. Although most cysts are harmless, it is best to have your doctor examined every 6 months. If the cysts are accompanied by the mentioned complaints,
it will be beneficial for you and your baby not to be late to apply.

What is the connection between overweight and cysts? If you are curious: // www. / Over-weight-polycystic-ovary syndrome-the-triggering /


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