Last month in pregnancy

Last month in pregnancy

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In the last month, the excitement and curiosity of the expectant mother is high. And first
if pregnancy, the dose of excitement and curiosity will be even higher. No more family birth
started to make plans. The most important issue to be considered here is
disregard for information about the type and place of birth. Our last
we need to consult on this matter as
the person we are supposed to be is none other than our doctor. Birth types and
After receiving correct information from our doctor about anesthesia methods
we have to make a decision with the guidance of our doctor. Normal birth general
in the last two weeks of pregnancy.
When we look at the last week of pregnancy in general we see that planned.

naturally there are many changes in the complaints. No more belly
being overgrown makes it difficult for you to move, you have difficulty breathing,
you cannot sleep comfortably and have difficulty walking. Here's what we need to know
the important condition begins when your baby enters the birth canal. This is the last month
occurs at the beginning. In this case, you have serious stomach problems
It decreases. And this month's biggest problems will be low back pain, abdominal
contractions and pseudo - labor pains.

how is your baby in the last month of pregnancy? In this period
a serious increase in your baby's lubrication rate. Your baby in the last month
It takes between 100 grams and 500 grams to gain weight.
movement pattern. No decrease in your baby's movements
required. Your baby should move 10 times within 2 hours. Baby's condition
The most important issue about the stance. Breech or head in front. Because
your baby cannot easily change position due to growth during this period.
If your baby is upside down, a caesarean section is necessary.

By the end of the month, vaginal treatment can be performed for many reasons.
Examples of these are water, pain, bleeding, discharge, spotting
We can give. That vaginal treatments do not harm you in the last month.
must say. Vaginal treatment is the only way to give birth an idea
method. Vaginal examination is necessary to understand the opening and thinning of the cervix because ultrasound or other methods


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