Knee pain after pregnancy

Knee pain after pregnancy

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As there are many changes in the body during pregnancy
skeletal system can also occur some changes. Knee after pregnancy
pains, joint pain, ankle pain is very common. This
The most important arm of preventing pain is through proper nutrition and exercise.

In the body during pregnancy, the skeletal system is not suddenly
gradually and vary for 9 months. At the same time bone roof power
because of the loss, it can cause widespread bone pain.
The ligament structures that started to loosen during this period
limits and damages. Spine joints
loosening ties and heavy pressure on the disc,
ruptures and waist and neck hernias.

During pregnancy the body's center of gravity is shifting.
Therefore, posture disorders can occur. After birth
mothers, to provide more milk to their babies during the postpartum period,
gaining more weight during pregnancy. Pregnancy and pregnancy
The weight taken during the period needs to be given. Because the weight we received
With the reduction of pressure, his pain is reduced.

cause of pain

During the postpartum period, we
not given, because the body is not accustomed to excess weight, waist and
can increase back pain. At the same time after pregnancy with the baby
needs more attention and is constantly in the arms of the mother. your baby
These pains are inevitable for mothers who can remove, carry and breastfeed.
is happening.

Knee, waist, hip, joint and foot during the postpartum period
Calcium and protein-weighted nutrition of mothers for wrist pain
required. Within 3-6 weeks after delivery, the skeleton
the nutrients that the skeleton needs because it is a process of healing and regeneration,
low calorie and rich foods with food needs to support.

The load on the spine and the resulting shape
You need to do exercise to prevent disorders. Low back pain and deadlock
Pilates is the exercise to prevent. During the postpartum period
pilates, correct posture and muscle, skeletal system may occur

If the new mother is not breastfeeding, medication treatment for low back pain
applicable. Exercise to relieve pain of nursing mothers
It will be more convenient. Breastfeeding, reduction of spine pain, regeneration process
It is advantageous due to speed up.


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