Hypertension during pregnancy

Hypertension during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, this
the amount of blood pumped into the heart in accordance with the period is increased. Again this
up to about 2 units in small blood pressure of expectant mothers depending on the period
decrease occurs. For example, your small blood pressure can be from 9 to 7. This situation
return to normal after birth.

The same expectant mother
blood pressure is variable because the baby's development and nutrition
provides oxygen to the mother. Blood pressure status of expectant mothers is important at this point
because if the blood pressure level is high, it may not provide sufficient blood flow to the baby.
In this case, the necessary oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the baby at low levels.
means. Therefore, the baby's development is slowing down.

Hypertension during pregnancy
high arterial pressure, great for the health of the mother and her baby
is important. It's a serious discomfort.

to distinguish blood pressure from normal blood pressure?

All individuals, finger
blood pressure is unique, just as the scars are unique. So any blood pressure complaint
measured without blood pressure reflects the average blood pressure value of the individual. But
it is generally known that the most common blood pressure is 12 to 8.
Approximately 5 out of 15 mothers have hypertension.
Hypertension, usually detected in routine examination of mothers, 5-6
It is examined twice by measuring within hours. Mother in measurements
If the blood pressure of the candidates is greater than 14 to 9, the blood pressure is high and
In general, the expectant mother's blood pressure is 12 weeks after birth.
in the long term, but if this continues.
hypertension is possible.

Long-term hypertension
Is it a danger to the mother or the baby?

As mentioned, the mother's blood pressure, blood pressure in the development of the baby
It is effective. So long-term persistent hypertension
development of the mother, premature birth of the baby, the baby's placenta early
separation, renal insufficiency may occur. Family
regular blood pressure measurement if there is genetically chronic hypertension
needs to be done.

Hypertension is an important issue and this
dangerous consequences from heart attack to heart failure.
It may occur. Therefore, if your complaints continue, please
Do not forget to consult your doctor, stay healthy.


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