Rheumatism after pregnancy

Rheumatism after pregnancy

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If you have rheumatism before your pregnancy,
Consult. In the past, women with this condition, doctors do not recommend pregnancy
now, with developing medicine and good physician follow up
women have been shown to undergo a successful process.

The effect on rheumatic disease varies from person to person. Pregnancy status,
mostly affects diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. For example, this
Symptoms of diseases are reduced in pregnant women, but after

effects of lupus erythematosus e on pregnancy, especially
increase in half and after birth. These increases are usually the mother
and does not jeopardize the health of your baby. But in a short time
exacerbation of a disease, other disorders during pregnancy
It can trigger. To extinguish these flames in the process, the steroid dose
It can be increased.

The effect of if antiphospholipid ”syndrome
And more. This disease, clots in the veins, negatively affect birth
and other problems such as blood pressure. Risk of-pre-eclampsia ”
increases. In this case, the mother's liver and kidney damage and premature birth
it may cause So, this
expectant mothers under strict observation during pregnancy
must be available.

In accompanying hypertension, the severity increases during pregnancy. Birth
If the violence increases after pregnancy, the mother is not recommended to have another pregnancy.

medications that you use during rheumatism
It can create. So with your doctor, when you are planning your pregnancy
You must put.

congenital heart block in prospective mothers
should be kept under strict observation during pregnancy
is required. Temporarily with these diseases, skin rash, blood
decrease in liver and liver test results,
they often disappear in a short time.

as; rheumatic disease of mothers and expectant mothers, pregnant
before and during pregnancy, the risk group by the doctor
medicines should be regulated accordingly and against all risks
precautions should be taken.

women who want to stay in this kind of disease to be controlled months ago
It should be taken. If the medications used are not harmful to the baby, continue to use the medication.
meat should be.


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