Post-pregnancy diet program

Post-pregnancy diet program

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Pregnant mothers
it undergoes many changes both physiologically and psychologically. This situation
in fact, it is a natural event that every expectant mother should experience. This
hormones of the expectant mother in the process varies, physics variability
shows, psychologically and emotionally variable, the taste of the mouth
There are different situations as different.

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy and most annoying
One of the conditions they complain about during this period is their weight.
Generally, the expectant mother gains 10-12 kilos during the 9 months of pregnancy. But this
the number is not the same for all mothers. Pregnant mother during pregnancy
variability depending on healthy and regular diet, weight before pregnancy

What to do?

After giving birth; during pregnancy, during labor
tired body needs to rest for about 6 weeks. During this time
the mother has to give all her time to her baby, in which case the mother
Can not listen. For this reason, not to force the body to lose weight fast
required. Remember that you lose weight in a short period of time for 9 months,
it is also a negative situation for your health. Therefore, in the field
get help from a specialist dietitian
With post-diet program to lose weight will be more accurate for you.

Mothers who try to lose weight after pregnancy
should not force the body, but should not neglect to exercise. Just
not to pay attention to what you eat, but to lose weight with exercise.
If you work, your deformed body will help to recover.

When you lose weight, you need to pay attention to,
There are quality and quantity of milk. In your diet program, your milk
food and behavior that will adversely affect the quality and quantity of
you should stay away. In addition to the calories you need, your baby
you should give importance to the quality of your milk for a healthy diet.

During this period, as long as you continue to breastfeed your baby
Your priorities; quality and quantity of milk for your baby's healthy diet
should be. Experts said that the mothers who give birth, the body
6 weeks after the recovery period, a month to lose 2 pounds
there is no problem. However, in this case, the baby's health away from negative factors
eclipse should be at the forefront.

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