Acupuncture and pregnancy

Acupuncture and pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most special, the most beautiful, the most challenging and perhaps the most sacred period in a woman's life. The woman of this period faces some difficulties. In the morning, nausea, vomiting, migraine, back, low back pain, constipation, mental fluctuations can reach various negative conditions. Of course, it is ideal to be able to manage these situations without using drugs. Because of the teratogenic effects of drugs, the fetus (offspring offspring) by damaging the cause of the formation of defective organs. However, the drug may be unavoidable if it is desperate. That's where acupuncture comes in. Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı says:
Alar Studies have shown that; With acupuncture, all of its adversities and ailments can be improved. Thus, the mother expects the baby to be born without damaging the acupuncture treatment to get rid of the current problems in this period. ”

Acupuncture is not only limited to pregnancy,
shows the effects during the loss of required weight. The new mother can easily return her deformed body to her former condition because of the weight she gained during pregnancy. Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı says:

“The slimming period can start at the beginning of the breastfeeding period or at the end. What should be done is not malnutrition, it is correct, good quality, high nutritional value, but low energy-calorie value. Acupuncture supported by a well-regulated diet plan, milk production is prevented, unrestricted weight is high chance to get rid of. Acupuncture controls the sensation of hunger and appetite, both while normalizing body systems (which is the main task). Thanks to the hormone it produces, it improves the mother's mental state. ”

What can be done?

Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı recommends:

• “Mesotherapy Fransız, a French treatment that has been practiced for almost 57 years in almost the entire world and has been proven to be harmless after being in the right hands; is still the most effective treatment for both cellulite and regional slimming. According to the decision of the expert, Mesotherapy which can be applied once or twice a week is very successful after a cure of 12 sessions. It is especially effective if it is applied together with the ant Suction Cup Method an (cupping, cupping) which increases the effect of Mesotherapy by creating synergy.

• Suction cup treatment is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese medicine and is applied before Mesotherapy. Suction Cup Treatment, on the one hand increases the lymphatic circulation (which means toxin excretion), on the other hand accelerates the blood flow to the region. It provides an increase in the quality of health in every body area where the blood comes in sufficient amounts. Thus, with the combination of Suction Cup treatment and Mesotherapy, the deformed body is purified from cellulite without the need for a surgical procedure and it is examined with the improvement of the defective structure of fat cells. At the same time, it gets into shape, gets tight and gradually regains its old lines with the elimination of very distressing arm sags.

• Due to excessive weight gain, especially in the abdominal region sagging, last-
“Electrolipolysis Therapy eri is applied in which the value is re-understood and found the place it deserves again. In this method, which is systematized by Chinese Dang Vu Yen of Chinese origin, very thin, special needles are dipped into the region where the oils that cause sagging are given and low frequency current is given. by melting fat, it is conducive to the shrinkage of fat tissue and thus the elimination of sagging.

• The fearful dream of all women during pregnancy is abdominal fractures. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done for worn-out stretch marks (ie pearlescent color), but there is a chance that after the pregnancy, the stretch marks can be healed while they are still red. The cracks, which are red and pink in color, are primarily subjected to a controlled peeling process called “microdermabrasion.. Then, “Antioxidative Mesotherapy and Carbossiterapy” is done. While cilt Mesotherapy cilt feeds the skin in terms of vitamins and minerals, oss Carbossiterapi oksijen provides oxygen and blood flow to the area where the cracks are located. Thus, the cracks show improvements at various levels.


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