Nutrition of the man before pregnancy

Nutrition of the man before pregnancy

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Many health problems are passed on to us genetically from the family. the father
diabetes, mother's blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol problem or family members
cancer in someone, adulthood can stick to our adulthood. This is called “genetic heritage”
It said. Conscious mothers are pregnant
completes their treatment and follows the doctor's rules. But according to experts,
father candidates also starting from the pre-pregnancy feeding patterns

Made at the University of California an
Journal of Fertility and Sterility published the results of the study,
just like the mothers
recommend. Folic acid increases sperm count and density. Dietitian Elvan
Odabaşı emphasizes the importance of male nutrition before pregnancy:
Since men fed rich in minerals, will reduce the number of sperm and sperm
blood pressure, vascular obstruction, cholesterol, diabetes
protected from problems. Selenium, A, C and Vitamin E Supplement Man's Sperm
Increases movements. Especially zinc deficiency due to alcohol use
it can reduce sperm count. ”

Proper nutrition of the candidate father, child genetic
some diseases. Diabetes in daughters of obese fathers, for example
sons have a very high rate of heart problems. Remaining from the father to the baby
first heritage weight. So the child of an obese father can become obese in the future.
Elvan Odabaşı, a nutritionist who applied family nutrition therapy before pregnancy.
“Interviews with prospective parents about feeding at least 3 months before pregnancy.
We begin. ” “The new diet is positive on health
it takes time to see the effects. ”

1. In your daily nutrition program, fish, walnuts,
cardiovascular health such as grapes, nuts, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables
in terms of useful nutrients.
2. Feed your B12, folic acid, zinc,
Plan according to magnesium, iron and vitamin D values. Reinforcement if necessary
3. Up to 2 glasses of wine.
4. Consume at least 450-600 grams of fish per week.
Red meat below 300 grams.
5. Eat plenty of fruit containing vitamin C.
6. Reduce salt.
7. Whole wheat, rye or multi-grain bread
8. Reduce tea and coffee.

Here is what your partner should eat to produce Olympic athletes…

Folic acid: Folic acid before pregnancy
It is a mineral that women should take. However, sperm quality and DNA production
Men also need this substance. Dark green leafy vegetables folic

nuts:Selenium-rich nuts sperm
increases the number and makes them become powerful swimmers.

Tomato: Research in tomatoes
shows that lycopene is good for prostate health.

Acid fruits:Kiwi and orange rich in vitamin C
Fruits such as sperm function increases.

Oily fish:Omega 3-rich fishes male sexual
It is important for the health of organs. It also makes the sperm strong.

Protein: In terms of protein such as meat and eggs
rich foods that strengthen the tails that allow the sperm to swim
It provides.

Liquids: Fluid consumption is vital. Anhydrous
strong sperm cannot be produced in the body. Healthy, effective and long-lasting sperm
to consume plenty of liquid. However caffeine and alcohol the body is dehydrated
should be consumed less.

Nutritional supplements:Zinc, selenium and folic acid supplements
As it increases the chances of reproduction, it can be preferred under doctor control.

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