Postpartum panic attack

Postpartum panic attack

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Postpartum sadness of mothers who give birth
50% can be seen in the first week. Motherhood is a temporary condition
we can see most mothers survive in 48 hours. Lasting more than 2 weeks
when insomnia, loss of appetite, hopelessness and even suicidal thoughts
consult a doctor. Because professional support should be sought in such a case
depression is not a transient condition such as maternity sorrow. Mothers
17% face this situation. Almost 10 times during pregnancy
sudden estrogen and progesterone hormones decreased after birth.
in this case leaves. Each person's adaptation period differs
This hormone regulates the time period from mother to mother.
will vary. This situation is more common in the second time mother
hereditary, environmental and hormonal factors. Birth
Panic attacks are possible in people suffering from depression. Panic attack
the fear of psychology when he feels helpless
It arises. The hormones of the mother
because of his imbalance, he finds himself unable to
panic attacks in the face. Panic attacks
brings along.

What are the symptoms?

- Depression observed almost every hour of the day
mother who is in a state of emotion is unhappy, grieving and tearful
It feels.

- Indifferent to most activities and hobbies
attitudes or non-pleasure, enjoyment may be reduced.

Boredom, boredom, sexual reluctance
and the feeling of doing things from necessity can be seen. Unsatisfied
the structure is present but the motivation to fill that gap is lacking.
They are unconcerned and indifferent.

- Important despite diet
weight gain or weight loss can be seen. Sudden increase in appetite or
Decrease is a good stimulus, attention should be paid.

When insomnia or sleepiness is observed every day
You should consult your doctor.

Feeling unworthy, contemptuous,
self-esteem, feeling guilty or sinful
panic attacks are likely to occur as a result. Desperation as a result of these feelings
mother begins to panic.

- Attention and concentration reduction at the time
is a sign that can not stay. Indecision, lack of attention to what is spoken,
situations that are not heard can be a sign of the abandonment of life.
Recurrent thoughts of death and suicidal plans were among the symptoms of panic attacks.
is located.

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