Is laser hair removal correct during pregnancy and after

Is laser hair removal correct during pregnancy and after

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During Pregnancy
There are many changes in the mother's body. Pregnant person's body
it differs physiologically from a normal human body. Because
Pregnant mother's body during pregnancy to support the development of the baby
prepare the appropriate environment for. In other words, the whole environment, suitable for the baby's health environment
is to help create.

Expecting mothers during pregnancy
one of the disturbing changes; is the increase in hair and hair. This
The condition is due to changes in hormones of women during pregnancy.
change in the body
Along with the hair, it affects the hair density and hair thickness in the hair.
Even the hair type may change during the pregnancy of the expectant mother.
However, this should not be a concern. Because it is specific to pregnancy and
is a temporary state. Because hormones return to their normal order after a while
the body will regain its normal state and the hairs will fall off.

Pregnant mothers who are very uncomfortable with hair condition
laser hair removal in the early period. However, experts in this period
does not recommend laser applications because they may be objectionable. Because
A research about the laser in pregnancy is quite the sensitivity of pregnancy
This process has not been done since it is a process that needs to be demonstrated.
Laser application during pregnancy is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy. More
In the following months, the baby's mobility and mild pain during the laser
the mother may be disturbed by such
is not recommended. If you are pregnant during the laser epilation process, postponing the laser epilation to postpartum
is required. Hormones will return to normal during the postpartum period, pregnancy
Most of the hairs formed during the period will fall out automatically. This
therefore for the mother to postpone laser hair removal treatment until after birth
is the right one.

feature of rays used during hair removal
They do not. The beam only affects the surface on which the treatment is performed. Womb
there is no such thing as reaching or harming the baby. But
nevertheless, the laser during pregnancy, which is the most
it is best to wait after the birth instead of having it done.


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