Legal support related to birth

Legal support related to birth

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The rights granted by the arrangements made within the framework of the social state principle adopted by our Constitution and in accordance with the positive discrimination provision against women (mother) seem to have provided the mother with the opportunity to breathe a little. Lawyer Ayşe Dilek Ergüler said, haklar These rights concern not only women who want to be mothers and women who give birth, but also their spouses. When we look at the whole of the regulations, the point that draws attention is that some rights granted to mothers require the condition of being “married…”.
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For those who cannot have children with normal medical treatment, yardımcı being married öncelikle is required in order to benefit from the opportunities provided by SSI for assisted reproductive treatment. In order to benefit from state support for reproductive therapies, if the general health insurer is a female and his / her spouse is: - It is seen by the SSI that the normal medical treatments are not effective and that they can have children with assisted reproductive methods, - There should be documented that the results of the other treatment methods have not been obtained in the last three years, - The medical center where the application will be made has a contract with the SSI, - Be a general health insurer or dependent person for at least five years and the number of premium days must be completed.- Up to three attempts can be made.What awaits a reproductive treatment or a natural pregnant woman and her partner?
In accordance with the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and the Labor Law legislation, there are some regulations especially in terms of SSI and employers.Maternity Insurance Firstly, maternity insurance is arranged for short term maternity women. Under this insurance, a total of sixteen weeks of maternity leave, eight weeks before birth and eight weeks after birth, has been granted. If the mother wishes and approves the doctor, she can work up to three weeks before the birth and add her five-week leave to the eight-week period after the birth. These leave periods are paid to the mother by the SSI. The amount of the payment is determined by dividing the total wage received by the working day from birth to the number of working days. In this way, the average amount of the woman's daily earnings is calculated by taking the six-week leave. However, this payment made for birth can be taken within fifteen days following the expiry date of the permit. However, for this, at least ninety-day short-term insurance is required to report. Even if there is no notification to the SSI for the birth of the woman who is a worker at a workplace, the above-mentioned payments can be made with a notification to be made, while there is a period of one month for the woman who carries out her own business. If no notification is made within this period, the institution does not make a payment to the mother who gave birth. The support known as breastfeeding allowance is 122 TL for women who are workers and self-employed for this year. Pregnant Woman's Work Before the birth permit, some rights have been granted to women during pregnancy. For example, a pregnant woman cannot be employed at night, provided that she has reported the situation to her work place. Pregnant women who are entitled to paid leave for medical check-ups due to pregnancy cannot be forced to do dangerous work.
Milk permit
In an arrangement known as breastfeeding for mothers who need to breastfeed their children under one year, it is stated that working mothers will be allowed one and a half hours a day. It is the mother's discretion to use this time during the day. It is important to note that this period is counted as working hours. Breastfeeding mothers cannot be employed for more than seven and a half hours per day for the first six months. Breastfeeding time is also included in this prescribed working time. The breastfeeding mother therefore has the right to work six hours a day and one and a half hours of breastfeeding for the first six months. The mother cannot waive this right and be forced to work for more than seven and a half hours. Likewise, night work cannot be done for a year. The mother must give a written notification as to when and how much she will use the one and a half hour period for breastfeeding. It is in the mother's favor to receive a letter from the employer regarding the eligibility of this written notice.
Children of Employees
The regulations for mothers do not stop there. If there are 100 to 150 female employees in a workplace without any criteria, breastfeeding rooms must be available to the employer separately from the workplace and at a maximum distance of 250 meters from the workplace. If the number of women working in the workplace is more than 150, there should be a dormitory for nursing mothers and children between 0-6 years of age. The number of working women sought for breastfeeding and / or establishing a dormitory includes male employees whose spouse is dead or who has custody of the child. Employers are obliged to provide the necessary conditions for the education, health and development of children in these dormitories and rooms.Birth BenefitWith the birth of a woman, the most well-known practice among the government incentives for child is the birth allowance. If the child is the first child to be born, a one-off payment of 300 TL is made only once. When the second child is born, this incentive is 400 TL. In the third child, this amount increases to 600 TL. For this payment, mothers working in the public sector should apply to the institution where they work and the other mothers should apply to SSI. It does not matter whether the mother works or not to get birth benefit; only T.C. citizenship and live birth is sufficient to qualify for this support.

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