Psychology of the mother during pregnancy

Psychology of the mother during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most special and beautiful for a woman
is one of the periods. This period can be as pleasant as it is in some maternal mothers.

From the moment the baby falls into the mother's womb, both the physical and
psychological change processes will be started. Now we are in the process of pregnancy
Let's focus on the psychology of the mother. What affects the psychology of the mother
Factors? Let's examine them in subheadings.

First, hormonal change is the most basic
Factor. Pregnancy hormones called progestron, estrogen level that
changes the mother more sensitive, more susceptible, more emotional and also more nervous
It is able. Something that the pregnant woman will never be disturbed before
can give very impulsive reactions. Priority father candidates ie spouses, pregnant psychology status very good
know and understand. It is likewise in the immediate vicinity
other people should understand it well.

psychology has a complex mood. This
It may occur for some reasons that make the situation even more difficult. Sample
If we give, the mother is difficult pregnant
may have stayed. She may have been treated for illness that would make pregnancy difficult.
Treatment process for the expectant mother
pregnancy is a tiring and weary process. As such, the pregnant psychology of these pregnant women is more severe.
You can watch.

from the beginning of holding on to the womb, within the period from birth to
there may always be a risk of the baby being lost. Especially a certain risk of disease
if any, the mother will be even more anxious and anxious. In other words, the mother expects her baby to be healthy until birth occurs.
will always carry the anxiety.

Another affecting pregnancy psychology
factor is fear of birth of mothers.
Difficult and risky situation for the baby
While the mother can carry the fear of being in a tough birth mother.
Baby around for baby after birth
care of the mother to be nervous
may cause. Enjoying the pregnancy process regardless
should try to pass.

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