Anxiety in Pregnancy

Anxiety in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy creates changes in women's physiology as well as psychology. Memory problems that may not be experienced in normal time may be experienced and may occur with psychological disorders such as anxiety disorder and depression. These problems are related to hormonal changes on the one hand, but pregnancy and the emotional burden it brings with them can lead to these disorders. Memory impairment is often seen during pregnancy. The mind of the expectant mother is filled with a thousand kinds of thoughts about the healthy birth of the baby and especially the normal birth so that she can start to forget something by not paying enough attention to the other issues in her life. This should be considered normal unless serious memory problems are encountered. Depression, which is one of the psychological disorders that can be seen during pregnancy, becomes manifest when the mother becomes aware of nothing. This is accompanied by other symptoms such as changes in eating habits, forgetfulness, anxiety anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and loss of sexual desire. This situation causes the expectant mother not to enjoy the pregnancy. Depression treatment of the expectant mother should be carried out by a specialist without postponement after pregnancy. Panic attacks are also psychological disorders seen in pregnant women. Sweating, trembling, feeling that the breath is not enough, numbness, heart attack or death will be manifested by symptoms such as thinking. During pregnancy, panic attacks can cause mothers to have problems during normal birth. So it should be treated. While activities such as breathing exercises and sports are effective in reducing stress, treatment through psychotherapy is the most preferred method. On the other hand, medication may be considered appropriate by specialists if the condition is very serious (such as intense suicidal ideation) and the mother's clinical condition is good. Anxiety disorder is a condition especially suffered by pregnant women who have doubts and concerns about their pregnancy. Worrying about the baby's health and constant anxiety, although not a negative indicator, may indicate this discomfort. In those who have generalized anxiety disorder, this concern is inevitable and has prevented the mother from continuing her daily life. If the person has generalized anxiety disorder before pregnancy, it would be a much more accurate decision to conceive after treatment.

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