Beware of mothers! Are you tocophobic?

Beware of mothers! Are you tocophobic?

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Having a baby is an idea that arouses sweet excitement in most women, but some women are afraid to get pregnant because of the trauma or fear they experience and do not want to have a baby. Emsey Hospital Psychiatrist Specialist Exp. Dr. Orhan Karaca explains the causes of these fears and what can be done to leave them behind:

What is tocophobia?

Tocophobia, which means fear of birth, is a psychological problem that is becoming more common and can cause serious problems. Women are afraid of giving birth, the intense pain they will suffer during childbirth and the possibility that their children will be disabled or stillborn. It is seen more often in people who have experienced bad experiences, pessimistic and pessimistic. Such fears that can be left behind by therapies can turn the lives of many women into nightmares if left untreated. Tocophobia, which causes termination of marriages, termination of pregnancies and severe depression, is usually caused by learned fears.

What are the causes of fear of birth?

The most common and common cause of birth fear is environmental factors. Painful birth memories, which have been heard from women since childhood, and birth scenes filled with screams used in films, can cause negative images in the minds of people who have not given birth before. Women who have a genetic disorder in their spouses or family history may also have the fear of giving birth to their children. In pregnant women who do not feel ready, tocophobia can occur because they do not know how to look after the baby. Since the fear of unknown origin is more intense in people with high levels of anxiety, the rate of tocophobia is very high especially in the first births.

What are the causes of tocophobia?

Tocophobia is divided into three categories as primary, secondary and tertiary.Primary tocophobia;The beginning of the process can go back to childhood, there is no prejudice or coldness towards sexuality, but they cannot tolerate the idea of ​​getting pregnant. The reason is often the horrible birth stories they listen to. It can also be seen in children who witness the birth pains of their mothers at an early age. The subconscious of children who fear the loss of their mothers may have the idea that giving birth is bad. Tocopophobia may also occur in women with disabilities in their family backgrounds due to their concern for their children. In this type of tocophobia, individuals try every way to avoid becoming pregnant, and when they become pregnant they may choose to terminate the pregnancy by abortion. They may also try to lower the baby by drinking excessive alcohol, jumping from high places, or carrying heavy things. Determined to have children, tocophobic ones prefer cesarean section as their birth method and avoid the moment of birth. Birth is a bloody and terrible event for them, and they absolutely avoid living that moment.Secondary tocophobia; Fear begins after a trauma, usually seen in women whose first birth is difficult and whose baby is born dead or disabled. Concern about the baby may cause tocophobia even in people who do not experience fear at first birth. They raise their fears even worse by thinking about how to face a baby until they hold their baby in their arms. Apart from birth, serious accidents may cause them to fear death and anxiously wait for the moment of birth. Losing a relative during pregnancy can also cause trauma, which can lead to tocophobia.In tertiary tocophobia; is tocophobia accompanying pregnancy depression. In this type, women may have tocophobia due to their depressive mood during pregnancy although they have any fear before pregnancy. Unhappy marriages and the fact that their lives do not go as they wish may cause birth to be seen as a disaster.

How to prevent tocophobia? What should be done about this?

Women with tocophobia can completely overcome these fears with therapies. From the moment they realize that they have such fear, they will be able to get through the therapy in a short time. If they are aware of their fears before becoming pregnant, they can also have the chance to have a healthier pregnancy by starting therapy. avoiding negative ideas by avoiding people. They can get rid of this situation by attending childbirth preparation courses as they are worried that they do not know how to take care of the baby, especially when they will become a mother for the first time. Having relatives with them during the pregnancy process and their spouses' support will help them to get over the process more easily and help them to leave their fears behind.


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