November issue of Bebek magazine from ebebek

November issue of Bebek magazine from ebebek

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November issue of Bebek magazine by ebebek is with you with its colorful design and full content bazıları Some of the interesting topics of the magazine are as follows:Hayat Life with two children is very enjoyable ” When Teo was born two years ago, we had our first interview. He is now Teo 2 and his sister Ada is 6 years old. We talked about the loving life of Sağtürk family with two children for you.
10 questions wondering after birth 10 answers
From the moment you hold your baby in your lap it starts to circulate many question marks in your mind. “How often should I breastfeed”, nasıl How do I change diapers ”,“ How should sleep patterns be? ” Belkis Bill answers.

The reward is actually artificial loveYou have always heard the word reward in a positive way. But did you know that when your child shows the desired behavior from him, rewarding him in return actually hurts him? Education Scientist who brought a completely different perspective to the award. We conducted an interview with Özgür Bolat as a guide for families.
Don't skimp on your winter vegetables
If you want your children to eat a healthy and balanced diet, vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, leek must be in your meals. Dietitian Gülden Cömert explains the benefits of winter vegetables and how they should be consumed.
If the expectant mother has the flu
The most worrying issue for mothers in winter is the idea of ​​am what if I get sick ”. The flu is one of these diseases. Yeditepe University Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Director of IVF, Prof.Dr. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu describes the influenza and prevention ways.
When will nausea pass
Nausea, which usually starts in the fourth week of pregnancy, is the common problem of expectant mothers.
Fashion, expert opinion, agenda and more in the November issue!


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