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Speech disorders may become chronic

Speech disorders may become chronic

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Speech, which is an important part of communicating in all areas of daily life, can cause problems that may seriously affect social life through speech and language difficulties encountered in some adults. Language and Speech Therapist Seçil Aydın Oral stated that the most common language and speech problems in adults are dil language disorders that occur after stuttering, voice disorders and neurological disorders Aydın. Aydın Aydın spoke about the curiosity and things to do about speech disorder. interrupted by sound, syllable or single syllable word repetition, sounds and blocks in the air flow that can be seen in the form of language and speech therapist Seçil Aydın Oral, stressed that this disorder can begin to chronic in childhood.

Brain hemorrhage can cause speech, listening and reading disorders

Speech therapist Seçil Aydın Oral stated that the patient had aphasia after a brain attack (stroke) and said: ı The incidence of brain crisis in neurological disorders is very high. 125 thousand brain is experiencing a crisis in Turkey every year. 71 percent of cases of cerebral infarction of brain crisis in Turkey, while 29 percent occur from brain hemorrhage. The tumor on the left side of the brain causes aphasia, speaking, listening, reading and writing difficulties resulting from cerebral hemorrhage. Due to the lack of verbal communication in patients with aphasia, depression is often observed. Although intelligence is not affected in this disorder, there may be other concomitant problems such as dysarthria and apraxia (speech disorders) ”.

There are different types of speech disorder

According to research results in 2011, 6.6 percent of the total population has at least one disability. Different types of speech disorder are also included in this obstacle. Explaining the apraxia as voluntary movements to say speech sounds correctly, although the muscles belonging to organs such as tongue-lips and jaws that provide speech cannot be made correctly, Seçil Aydın Oral stated that patients have difficulty in imitating and producing sounds, and problems such as inconsistent speech errors can be observed. Describing that dysarthria is different from apraxia, Anadolu Health Center Language and Speech Therapist Seçil Aydın Oral said: The type and severity of dysarthria depends on which area of ​​the nervous system is affected. In people with dysarthria, speech may be observed, loosening, wavy or murmuring in the mouth, which may be difficult to understand. ”

Patient's motivation is very important in treatment

Seçil Aydın Oral stated that aphasic patient should be wasted in the first 6 months because it would have a rapid development and said that the family of the patient is of great importance in aphasia therapy and that they cooperate with the patient in order to support the patient by expanding communication ways. Oral standard Standardized tests used in aphasia help us to identify which areas of language speaking and cognitive skills are preserved and in which areas support is needed. After personalized treatment goals have been determined, we work as a knot to teach the skills lost and strive to prevent the patient from losing motivation. Reading and speaking samples are taken before the stuttering therapy. These examples shed light on us to determine the stuttering severity and make classification. ”

If hoarseness has been present for more than 2 weeks, it should be examined

Seçil Aydın Oral, who expressed another voice problem in adults, emphasized that neglect of hoarseness caused serious disturbances. “Vocal cord nodules and polyps, vocal cord edema, structural disorders of vocal cord, vocal cord infections, and misuse of voice caused hoarseness reasons. If there is shortness of voice for more than 2 weeks and early diagnosis and voice therapy is started at the right time in these cases, the voice can regain its former health with an average of 8 sessions. ” Oral gave information about what is done in voice therapy, “Voice therapy is personal. Exercises are performed by teaching the patient some techniques to strengthen the sound. It is directly related to the patient's repetition of these techniques at home and his regular therapy, to use his voice correctly..


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