What are useful and harmful foods during pregnancy?

What are useful and harmful foods during pregnancy?

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What are useful and harmful foods during pregnancy?

To be born your baby the source of food is your warehouses that you offer to her.Zehra C. Akören Dietician of Yeditepe University Hospital "Baby; foods in needfrom your blood through the cord. Hence circulating in your blood nutrients You are responsible for the quality of the first degree. ”he explains the importance of proper nutrition in pregnancy.

Does Protein Requirement Increase During Pregnancy?

Protein requirement in pregnancy, increases for lack of anemia. If protein is low, iron deficiency anemia may develop and cause miscarriages. Particular care should be taken to obtain protein of animal origin. But; If the mother became pregnant at a weight more than the ideal weight; low-fat protein foods should be preferred.

Cooking techniques of protein foods are also important for the mother to feel good. Steamed, boiled, grilled and baked in the oven should be preferred, oil frying should be avoided.Red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese varieties, legumes and mushrooms protein-rich foods.

Is Vitamin C Needed More During Pregnancy?

Especially as all vitamins are necessary for the mother and her baby;Vitamin C has a more important place.

If taken together with proteins, it increases iron absorption. It increases the mother's resistance to diseases. Since there is no vitamin stored in the body fruits and vegetables should be taken as fresh through. Severe loss of cooking and prolonged holding.

Citrus fruits, cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, red and green peppers they are a good source of vitamin C. And that's a good thing to say. Due to the vitamin store it containsdate is a necessary fruit for pregnant women.

Especially close to birth consumed foods; Oxytocin hormone secretion makes it easier to give birth due to increase.

What is the Importance of Folic Acid?

 'Spina bifida' that is the most effective way to prevent nervous system disease. Fresh green leafy vegetables are a good source of folic acid and should be consumed by means of well-washed raw vegetables to avoid loss of vitamins or by steaming.

Green leafy vegetables, nuts, peanuts, cauliflower and whole wheat bread folic acid.

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Can Consuming Excess Carbohydrate Be Harmful?

The basic energy needs of the body are provided by carbohydrates. That is, bread-pilav-pasta consumption should be paid attention, the amounts to be consumed by your dietician should be determined.

Overweight pregnant women should avoid pure carbohydrates. If there is anemia, bran carbohydrates should be avoided.

What do you recommend for the problem of constipation during pregnancy?

Consuming 40 g of fiber per day prevents constipation during pregnancy and forms a barrier against cancer.

Fresh vegetables and fruits is rich in fiber.

You can review our article on nutrition recommendations during pregnancy.

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How Much Calcium Needs During Pregnancy?

The mother's bone health protection, the baby's teeth and bones in the 8th week of the need for calcium is important for the formation of your needs.

Foods Containing Calcium:

  • Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Kefir
  • Green leafy vegetables

How Much Water Does a Drink Benefit During Pregnancy?

Water consumption is very important to prevent constipation during pregnancy and to prevent back pain ortalama 1.5-2 liters It is up.

Should consumption of sugar be restricted during pregnancy?

 For energy and sweet needs table sugar instead of molasses, it is more useful to benefit from foods such as honey. Pure sugar is an energy source with no nutritional value.

What foods are not recommended during pregnancy?

• Foods containing additives
• Frozen Foods
• Outdoor foods
• Foods made from open milk-cheese and raw meats
• Dark tea, coffee, cocoa. Recent research has shown that coffee is a risk of premature birth.
• Herbal teas: It is not recommended to consume without consulting your doctor and dietitian. Some active ingredients in teas may affect you negatively.
• Salt: Excessive salt consumption in the body will cause edema, ie swelling, which can damage your kidneys and make you sick.
• Carbonated drinks and beverages: It is an empty energy source; they cause the mother to gain unnecessary weight.
• Poorly washed vegetables and fruits: Chemical wastes that may remain on them may be damaged by bacteria.
• Uncooked meats: May cause food poisoning.
• Parsley: Excessive consumption of parsley can trigger preterm labor.

Everything you wonder about pregnancy sugar!

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