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Excessive Crying in Infants

Excessive Crying in Infants

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Colic babiesis the fearful dream of couples who have new babies. Families, constantly crying babies are hungry to start thinking of the additional food falls into the error in the early period. Experts warn parents not to make this mistake. Pediatric Specialist at Anadolu Medical Center Ataşehir Medical Center Contact Sevim directly, answered questions about this period.

Colic cryingIn healthy infants between 15 days-3 months, sudden crying and lasting hours, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. These cries can last up to 6-9 months.

In colic babies, when they cry, their faces become red, the abdomen becomes swollen and tense. Baby pulls her legs towards her belly while she cries. The feet are also cold.

Colic is seen in 10-40 percent of infants.

The reasons are not fully explained. However, it is suggested that errors in feeding technique, air swallowing, allergic causes and psychological factors may play a role.

Continuous crying of the baby There is no harm to the baby.

The baby can be held upright and face to shoulder, to lightly massage the back of the gas can be removed. It is reported that carrying on lap, avoiding excessive stimulation, applying warm towel to the abdomen, shortening the crying time of listening to music.

The physical examination of the baby should ensure that there is no organic cause. In case of fever, vomiting or bloody stools, it should be taken to a specialist immediately.

It should be noted that anxiety and tensions that may arise in the family environment during long crying seizures may aggravate symptoms. It is important to remember that colic is a developmental process seen in some infants. Some of the excess gas infants benefit from mild gas preventive drugs. Weak herbal teas (such as fennel, chamomile) can be tried with a small amount provided. Mum, cabbage, broccoli, dried legumes, such as reducing some foods in your diet, tea, coffee can help by avoiding stimulants.

In addition, the baby is extremely restless, crying is often interpreted as insufficient breast milk, which leads to mothers to start additional nutrients early. It should not be forgotten that the most valuable food is breast milk and this should not be hasty.

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