Blood Collection in Pregnancy

Blood Collection in Pregnancy

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Blood in pregnancy condition is a bleeding caused by vaginal discharge. The color of the blood may be red or brown.

In almost all pregnancies; In the first weeks of pregnancy, you can be sure that a small spotting or bleeding is very common. One in five people is experiencing this in the early stages of pregnancy and continues in the future.

Always contacting your doctor will ensure that we have done the best in this regard.

What is the most likely cause of mild bleeding in pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, spotting and mild bleeding are usually harmless. This usually happens due to the period, it happens at about the same time and can last one or two days.

Blood collection in the first months and last months of pregnancy condition occurs more often. We said that these bleeds were mostly caused by vaginal discharge. However, in this period, the presence of blood, immediately Olabilir Could it be low? ” It creates anxiety and panic in women. However, the source of every blood supply is not low.

As you know during the first 3 months of pregnancy, in terms of baby's development and mother's health is of great importance. Especially in the 2nd and 3rd months, it is seen that blood is present more frequently in the mother.

However, over time, the blood supply decreases. The other period of bleeding is the last months of pregnancy. The source of blood in this period is the arrival of engagement.

Engagement is the condition of the discontinuation of the cervix during the last period of pregnancy.

What does it mean to see it when you're pregnant? You can read our article. Click the link below.

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Well What are the reasons for blood in pregnancy? First of all, the expectant mother should not force herself during pregnancy. If the expectant mother makes herself too hard and does hard labor, this will cause a contraction in her womb. The formation of contractions in the mother's uterus causes blood to come.

However, it is necessary to mention a situation where the probability of abortion is high. In the first months, we said there was more bleeding. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the embryo develops and grows.

Therefore, blood flowing in this process is risky. In such cases a low probability may be considered.

Another reason is infection in the mother's uterus can be shown as. At the same time, uterine disorder can cause blood to come.

The arrival of blood We have said that the condition is frequently experienced in the first and last months of pregnancy. The reason for the presence of blood in the last months of pregnancy is usually the discard of the cervical plug.

This situation, called “engagement” among the people, indicates that the expectant mother is suitable for birth. In this period, the presence of blood, usually refers to premature birth. Everything you need to know about cesarean delivery! You can review our article. Click the link below .// www. / Cesarean-birth-right of every-thing-know-you-need /

We talked about the periods of blood collection during pregnancy and in what situations. The question that comes to mind in general is the following; Is it normal to have blood in pregnancy? As we mentioned before, it is normal for blood to come in the first and last stages of pregnancy.

Here we can call abnormal situation; if bleeding occurs frequently and occurs in large amounts, this indicates an abnormal condition.

It may be appropriate to consult with your doctor, as these conditions may be a possibility of miscarriage and signs of preterm birth.

What can be done when we want to treat blood in pregnancy? What are the methods your doctor generally uses? Usually during the first months of pregnancy in case of blood in the mother progesterone medications It is given.

These drugs loosen the uterus and contractions in the uterus is reduced. Progesterone is especially given to expectant mothers. This is due to the high probability of miscarriage.

Although blood is not a sign of fear, it is a condition that you should consult your doctor about the causes.

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