10 Things You Should Stay Away During Pregnancy!

10 Things You Should Stay Away During Pregnancy!

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If you are pregnant and everyone around you has found out, you will hear a lot about what to do about pregnancy. First of all, do not believe everything you hear, we advise you to consult your doctor on some issues. There are other things you should not do while you are pregnant. The goal in all of the things you should not do is actually to have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. Maybe the people around you haven't stopped talking about them; but it is likely that he has disappeared among the tons of things said. You better sit back and keep reading. Let's see what you need to do while you're pregnant 10 things to avoid in pregnancy What if they were?

1. Avoid caffeine during pregnancy!

We like caffeinated things. We consume chocolate, coffee, tea and cola foods and drinks throughout the day. Have you ever thought about what makes us addicted to these foods? Then we'il tell you. Caffeine is an addictive substance like a drug. Amphetamines in caffeine content, like heroin, affect our brain. Of course, these effects are similar to the drugs mentioned, but to a lesser degree.

Caffeine has no nutritional properties. Coffee consumption during pregnancyAlthough it does not help the mother, it can harm. High caffeine consumption in pregnant women can cause miscarriage in the second half of pregnancy. Here we call high rate of caffeine, you can think of 5-6 cups of coffee a day. As a result of animal experiments, caffeine, which affects the unborn baby, negatively affected brain development in the baby. Moreover, because caffeine reduces the absorption of iron, which you will need a lot during pregnancy; Turkish coffee during pregnancy Reduce caffeinated foods and beverages, including coffee and chocolate, or take a break if you can!

During PregnancyProcessed and unpasteurized products, raw meat and raw eggs do not put on your menu!

It may be difficult to prevent yourself from crossing the kiosks; but delicatessen products such as salami, sausage, sausage and bacon what should not be eaten during pregnancyat the beginning of. Both the nitrite-nitrate they contain and the bacteria that inhabit it can harm the baby and you, causing premature birth and miscarriage.

In addition, raw or undercooked meat products should not be consumed while pregnant. In addition to consuming, it should not be touched even with bare hands when cooking. Touching and eating raw meat can lead to toxoplasma infection. Raw shellfish can also cause infection called salmonella. There is also a risk of infection with raw eggs. Maybe you don't eat raw eggs directly, but remember that sauces like mayonnaise are made with raw eggs.

Unpasteurized cheeses and milk may also cause you to pass on bacteria called brucella and listeria. These bacteria, like other bacteria, can cause premature birth and miscarriage. Therefore, you should pay attention to the milk and dairy products you consume.

3. During PregnancyDon't eat too much liver!

Liver can be a delicious dinner choice. In fact, the liver is a useful food because of the folic acid, vitamin A and protein it contains; however, it may cause some birth defects if consumed during pregnancy. The reason for this is that vitamin A in the liver is in the form of renitol. Therefore, especially in the first 3 months, it is better not to eat liver.

4. During PregnancyDon't Touch Cats' Feces!

We know how many cat people you are; however, substances found in the faeces of cats can also cause toxoplasmosis. Therefore, among the things to be avoided during pregnancy are cat droppings. If you feed a cat, you should take care not to consume raw products and use gloves if there is a risk of contact with faeces.

5. During PregnancyStay away from alcohol and cigarettes, do not even breathe smoke!

I don't know how addicted you were before, but if you're having a planned pregnancy, you should have stopped smoking before you got pregnant. You probably know how harmful smoking can be to both you and your baby; however, we should say again that smoking during pregnancy can cause your baby to be born at low weight and cause other abnormalities to occur.

You may be the only person who cannot drink alcohol in friendships; but the important thing here is not toasting all together, you and your baby's health. High alcohol use during pregnancy may cause fetal alcohol syndrome in infants, but can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths.

6. During PregnancyDon't Drink Herbal Tea!

Herbal teas are usually the cure for our problem. We can load that tea by saying that the tea is good for the discomfort; however, as much as everything can be damaged, more of these teas are harmful. Herbal teas in pregnant women If consumed more, the risk of preterm birth increases. Herbal teas that should not be consumed during pregnancy teas such as sage tea, raspberry tea, fennel, yarrow, cassia and turmeric. Herbal teas can be consumed during pregnancy to reduce nausea and increase milk; however, this amount should not exceed 2 cups per day. It is also useful to consult your doctor before drinking any herbal tea, depending on the state of your pregnancy.

7. During PregnancyStay away from these fish!

We mentioned that you should avoid raw and undercooked seafood such as sushi or shrimp. There are other types of fish that you should not consume even if cooked. Swordfish, mussels, sharks and dipfish should not be consumed during pregnancy. This is because they contain too much mercury. Pregnant women can consume salmon as fish. Since anchovy is surface fish, mercury content is low. Your doctor will guide you.

8. During PregnancyDo not use over-the-counter medication!

This is something that not everyone should do; however, it is much more important for you pregnant women. During Pregnancy You may experience headaches or toothache, but not all medications are suitable for pregnant women. You don't want to harm your baby unintentionally and unintentionally. Therefore, you should never use medication without consulting your doctor.

9. Do not X-ray during pregnancy!

Exposure to high radiation during pregnancy can lead to death in the womb, serious developmental disorders and serious illnesses such as cancer. These risks vary according to the dose of radiation; however, it is not recommended for pregnant women to have x-rays to avoid any risk. X-rays should be avoided in order not to be exposed to radiation as the first months are very important for the development of the baby. Of course, a lung film taken after the first trimester of pregnancy is not at the limit to cause developmental disorder; your doctor will then make the decision again.

10. Stress In Pregnancy And Of course!

Stress is one of the concepts that can harm people. Emotional fluctuations occur during pregnancy because of hormones. You may feel frustrated and restless at times during these periods. In such moments, you must stop and calm down; because your baby is aware of how you feel. Excessive stress can cause sleep and constipation problems, and this can put you in a lot of stress. Therefore, it is one of the most important items to be avoided during pregnancy. Keep calm and enjoy these happy moments!

Wishing you to take your baby with health uc

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