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5 Tips to Minimize Sister Jealousy!

5 Tips to Minimize Sister Jealousy!

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For parents, children are the most valuable thing they have. Therefore, parents give all their energy and love to this wonderful being without thinking.

They think they will never love any other being so much in their lifetime. Until I had a new baby. That's when they realize that they love their little babies as much as their brother or sister and show their babies the same attention and affection. There is no problem for adults in this process. However, for the older child, the situation may be much more severe than expected.

With the new baby brother jealousy concept can suddenly enter your life and make life difficult for all members of the family.

Why does the jealousy between the brothers origin?

A common problem jealousy between brothersbegins the moment a new baby joins the family. How Does? From the moment babies are born, they are at the center of the parents' lives. The world revolves around them.

In this case there is no problem for the baby. The mother spends time with her at every opportunity, takes care of her, plays games and fulfills her wishes. But one day a baby comes out. It also comes so that the mother and father spend time with him constantly; embraces, nourishes, tries to sleep, gas off, dresses. In such a case, jealousy between the brothers is inevitable.

Although the children have accepted each other when they get older, academic achievement at school, sporting skills, artistic talents, social relations with the environment, acquired professions, financial income earned by the beginning of working life and so on. The differences between them may also be the cause of jealousy among siblings.

Symptoms of Sister Jealousy

Usually in children aged 2 to 7 years Symptoms of brother jealousy Seen. These symptoms often appear as follows.

  • Inward closure
  • Being more nervous than normal, showing aggressive behavior
  • Hitting your brother, biting, hurting him on purpose
  • Imitating his brother by behaving behind the developmental period, such as gold coins, bottle feeding, baby talk, crawling
  • Excessive attachment to the mother, not wanting to go to school to not leave the mother
  • About his brother; making negative plans such as handing over to the neighbor, leaving them next to the waste container, taking them back to the hospital

For more information, see our article on ways to deal with sister jealousy. Click on the link below for easy access to the article.

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You can watch our video on how to prevent sister jealousy.

5 Important Ways to Deal with Sister Jealousy!

Brother jealousy is a problem that can be encountered in every geography and culture in the world. The fact that children have to share their parents with someone else; anger, sadness, hate and love, the desire to establish intimacy is a result of a mixture of similar emotions.

If the right measures are not taken in a timely manner, the jealousy of the children will lead to the character formation of the children and their relations with other members of the family adversely affect need to know.

All members of the family will survive the process in the most natural, innocent and undamaged way if you take care of the following five important issues.

  • Don't wait for your brother to come to the world to prepare your child!

If you are planning to have a baby, it is a good idea to get the idea of ​​the child or the sister who will be the brother or sister. If the child also wants a sibling, it will be easier for him to accept the situation because you have given him the right to speak at the decision stage.

If your child thinks negatively about the baby, you should take measures to reverse these negative thoughts. Create opportunities where you will be in the same environment with friends or relatives who have multiple children around you and whose children are well understood.

Thus, over time, the idea of ​​a brother is not too bad to see the good side of the situation will begin to see.

If you have had an unplanned pregnancy without having the opportunity to get your child's opinion at the decision stage, don't worry, you are not too late.

With the baby until the birth process fun activities and games. Your future plans and promises must be real. You should tell your child that there will be some changes in the relationship between you when the baby arrives, that you will have to take care of the baby and that he will be happy to be with you in this process.

Although things have to change for the child, on the basis of love and trust You must reassure that there will be no changes.

  • Don't ask your child to share everything he has with his brother!

With the baby being born, your child will have to share the most valuable things in his life such as mother, father, play time, care and love. Don't ask someone you already have to sacrifice to share their favorite toy, book, and chocolate.

Your compelling attitude to sharing will reinforce your belief in how good the bad feelings you feel are in place, rather than bringing him closer to his brother.

Of course, it is normal for you to want your pups to get along and be bonded with love. But sometimes it is necessary to let the process flow.

Give him time and opportunity to get used to, trust and have fun together. After a while, you will see that things will work out spontaneously, that he will give his beloved rattle to his brother voluntarily or share his bananas with his own will 🙂

  • Never compare with each other!

A considerable number of adults think that when they compare children to each other, they will create a positive competitive environment and encourage them.

However, a comparison of “Look how beautiful your brother has collected his toys! Yerine is like jealousy and anger towards his brother instead of encouraging him to collect toys. nurture negative emotions will cause.

Comparisons among children are like going to a fire. There should be no comparison and comparison between children, not just siblings. It should be approached with a focus on cooperation, not competition. Children should be given tasks to do and accomplish together.

  • Focus on the moments when the child is a good sister or a good brother, not jealousy and praise her!

Focus on negative events jealousy of the child How right he is about, his mother always think that after he came to blame.

“Why did you pull the toy out of your brother's hand?”, Or He shares it with you! ”,“ Did you cry on purpose! ”Style sentences from both your brother and your sister. alienation, as a result of the anger and hate feelings strengthened will cause.

Instead, ver You gave your brother a toy, you're a great sister! ”, Un You're very brave to wait with him until I prepare the food, he's not afraid when you're around! Un jealousy and anger must leave in the shade.

  • Empathize and realize that your child's feelings are real!

For parents, the idea of ​​jealous of their children is sad. However, the fact that a situation is sad does not prevent it from being real. First of all, when you observe the signs of jealousy, even if you know that these feelings are temporary, remember that they are real at the time.

Try to understand yourself by putting yourself in your child's place. Make you feel that you know how difficult the process is for him, that you understand him, that everything will improve over time and that you will be there for him.

Jealousy is common and quite normal among children. But brother jealousy it may cause wounds that will not close in character development if it is noticed in time and the correct precautions are not taken.

So much so that it can cause disagreements and unrest not only between siblings but also between other members of the family.

It is possible to solve the problem easily if the parents follow their children closely, apply the correct methods when they see the symptoms and get help from a specialist psychologist when necessary.

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